Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the degrees I will earn?

B.S. in Business Administration from USC

B.B.A. in World Business from HKUST

B.S. in Business (WBB) from Bocconi

2. Is this a study abroad or exchange program?

No, students are fully admitted and enrolled at each of the three universities. This is how WBB students are able to receive a degree from each institution. Students take classes with peers from other non-WBB majors every year, and are connected to each university’s student resources and alumni network. 

3. Can I receive credit for AP, IB, or A-levels?

Certain GE courses may be waived with the appropriate exam scores, but do not count towards the unit requirement for graduation. Please contact the admissions office for more details. 

4. Can I double major or have a minor?

While completing a double major may potentially delay graduation by more than a year, completing a minor with WBB is much more flexible. Students who wish to do so must return to USC in their senior year to complete the required courses for the minor.

5. Can I transfer into WBB?

The WBB curriculum is designed for four years, so there will be no transfer opportunity into the WBB program. Students who are interested in joining the program need to indicate WBB as their first choice major on the Common Application. Admission is offered for freshmen only.

6. Do I need to know Mandarin Chinese and Italian to apply?

There is no foreign language prerequisite to apply to WBB. However, students must pass Mandarin and Italian language classes in order to graduate. Classes are all taught in English, other than the foreign language courses.