Program Learning Objectives

The USC Marshall School of Business is accredited by AACSB.  Our Undergraduate Program Goals express expectations that reflect the depth and breadth of student knowledge and skills that are sustainable foundations for life-long learning in support of the professional and personal development of our students.

  1. Our graduates will demonstrate critical thinking skills, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities to strategically navigate complex demands of business environments.
  2. Our graduates will demonstrate leadership skills aspiring to be sensible, future-oriented leaders and innovators
  3. Our graduates will be effective communicators in speaking and writing to facilitate information flow in organizational, social, and intercultural contexts
  4. Our graduates will demonstrate ethical reasoning skills, understand social, civic, and professional responsibilities, and aspire to add value to society.
  5. Our graduates will have a global mindset demonstrating an understanding of the interplay of local, regional, and international markets, and economic, social and cultural issues.
  6. Our graduates will have an understanding of the key business areas and their interplay to effectively manage different types of modern enterprises.

Please see the document below for more details about the goals and outcomes of USC’s Undergraduate Program.