Career Services

The Master of Social Entrepreneurship (MSSE) program gives students the business knowledge and skills to make sustainable social impact.  Students graduating from the MSSE may launch a social enterprise or play a key leadership role in an existing one.  These enterprises may be stand-along ventures or embedded in existing organizations.

Graduate Career Services

Regardless of where you are on your career path, the Graduate Career Services team is ready to help you transition to the next level.  Through personalized career advising and training programs, Graduate Career Services enhances your professional development and job-search skills by helping you plan your career progression, explore new markets, develop networking techniques, learn negotiation strategies, update your resume, and refine your interviewing skills.

For more information on how Graduate Career Services can assist you, please visit the What We Do for Specialized Masters Students section of Graduate Career Services.

For more information on how to recruit MS in Social Entrepreneurship talent from USC Marshall School of Business, please visit For Recruiters section of Graduate Career Services.