Application Rounds and Deadlines

Applications for the Class of 2024 open August 15, 2022!

Four Rounds of Application Deadlines

Each year, we receive hundreds of applications. Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible, as each application round becomes increasingly impacted. Nevertheless, it is better to apply when you feel that you are ready and that your application is as strong as possible.

International students must submit their applications by the January 20th deadline.

The program start date this year will be Friday, May 19, 2023.

First Round Oct. 15, 2022 Oct. 1, 2022 Dec. 5, 2022
Second Round Nov. 15, 2022 Nov. 1, 2022 Jan. 5, 2023
Third Round Dec. 15, 2022 Dec. 1, 2022 Feb. 5, 2023
Final Round Jan. 20, 2023 (International students final deadline) Jan. 10, 2023 (International students final deadline) Mar. 10, 2023
Rolling Domestic students may submit after the final round but are strongly encouraged to submit earlier   May 15, 2023

Consideration for merit-based scholarships will be given to applicants in all rounds.*Notification can include an invitation to interview or a waitlist, deny or admit decision.

Orientation for the Class of 2024 will take place in May 2023 and classes will begin the week after orientation. For more information, see the USC Academic Calendar.

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here: