Fees and Financial Aid


Tuition Fees

Tuition is calculated per unit based on the unit price of the given academic year. The MSF program is a 36-unit program of Business Graduate (500 level and above) Courses. Tuition is subject to increase each academic year. For detailed information on tuition and mandatory fees please visit: https://classes.usc.edu/term-20203/tuition-and-fees/. Please keep in mind this only lists information related to the listed academic year. 

International students are required to submit additional financial documentation that shows proof of funds for tuition and estimated living expenses. For more details please click here

Financial Aid: Please visit USC Financial Aid for more details. 

Student Financial Services: All tuition and fee payment is processed through the Student Financial Services. For more information on billing cycles, methods, and processing please visit their website or contact their department directly. 

Scholarships: The Master of Science in Finance Program offers a limited number of partial tuition scholarships to qualified students, both domestic and international. Scholarship consideration is made during the application cycle. Students are considered for partial tuition scholarships along with their application during the evaluation period. No additional scholarship application is required. The Admissions Committee can fully evaluate candidates only when we have their complete application and a pool of applicants to compare them to. If awarded a scholarship, the total amount is equally distributed over the three semesters of the MSF program and credited towards tuition. 

On-campus Employment: There are also on-campus employment opportunities that students can consider once they begin the program. USC provides numerous employment opportunities to students.

Teaching and Research Assistantships: The MSF program itself does not offer research or teaching assistantships, however students are welcomed to seek one out on their own once the program has started. Once at USC, students can express their interest in such a position and if qualified will be assisted in connecting with professors who are looking for such a candidate.