Program Videos


“Being an entrepreneur, you're always working IN your business; you don't really get a chance to work ON your business. Being in the program gives me that ability to look at my business from a higher level.”
- Mario Carrasco

The MSEI Program

"I love my MSEI faculty. The program director Tommy Knapp and professor Napoli are so honest with everything that you do and they genuinely want you to grow as a person and become a great entrepreneur. They help you with everything, even if it's not related to school.”
- Ritika Mishra

The Faculty

“For a lot of things I was a one woman shop and I made a lot of mistakes. Going to school is a good way to learn the process from a different perspective and from someone who has already done it, rather than just trying on your own.”
- Jenny Ying

The Learning Experience

“Being in LA is an important part of my journey because it's about getting outside and talking to new people. LA is all about the network and USC brings you a great network to start on”
- Arnaud Auvray

The LA Ecosystem