The Business Analytics Student Association (BASA) is a student-led organization that aims to fulfill the professional, social, and wellness needs of MSBA candidates at USC Marshall. Our aspiration is to enrich the student experience of our members, while fostering a strong sense of community within our program. BASA organizes a wide range of initiatives including industry talks, skill development workshops, social gatherings, and cultural celebrations.

BASA’s Short and Long-Term Goals:

  • Industry talks
  • Company visits
  • Conferences
  • Skill-development workshops
  • Regional alumni network
  • Mentorship program
  • Social activites
  • Periodic newsletter
  • Community Service

BASA Executive Board:

Tommaso Babucci, President

Tommaso Babucci, President

Tommaso acts as a bridge between the student body, MsBA Alumni, and the MsBA administration. Coordinating the BASA executive team, he oversees event planning centered around community building and professional development.
He is originally from Milano, Italy, uses Excel for everything, loves books, and has a solid golf swing.
Alyssa Lopez, Vice President

Alyssa Lopez, Vice President

Alyssa supports the organization’s strategic planning and relationship building within the MSBA community. Her position involves identifying and developing opportunities to amplify students’ voices and potential. In her spare time, Alyssa enjoys being outdoors, experimenting with new recipes, and catching up on the latest true crime podcasts.
Radhika Chhabra, Head of Professional Development

Radhika Chhabra, Head of Professional Development

Radhika serves as the Head of Professional Development in BASA. She is responsible for ensuring that the MSBA Cohort is well prepared for the industry and ace the interviews. Her position involves identifying various strategies to organize preparatory events for the student body and provide industry specific insights to students.
She is from India and loves to travel. She also enjoys experimenting with different cuisines and catching up on the horror genre.
Vivian Kong, Head of Communications

Vivian Kong, Head of Communications

Vivian serves as the Head of Communications of BASA. She is responsible for creating effective communication strategies, fostering relationships, and serving as a facilitator between the student body and administration. She hopes to further connect the MSBA family. In her free time, Vivian enjoys dancing, hiking, and traveling!
Abhinav Chadha,Head of Operations and Finance

Abhinav Chadha, Head of Operations &Finance

Abhinav serves as the Head of Operations and Finance in BASA. His primary task includes event budgeting, event logistics, and operations. He also contributes to team ideas and supports other team members to land events on the ground. He is a travel enthusiast who likes to try new food places around town. Apart from that, he loves to read and try his hand at photography.
Alex Sington, Head of Community

Alex Sington, Head of Community

Alex serves as Head of Community for BASA. His roles include identifying the needs of the MSBA student body and organizing social, cultural, and professional events to meet those needs. He is a Santa Monica native and avid sports fan who enjoys spending his free time cycling in the Santa Monica Mountains and re-watching episodes of The Office.