IBCP for Participants


The International Business Consulting course will:

  • Teach students rigorous, fact-based business problem-solving and critical thinking techniques that can be applied to any business decision-making

  • Train students to be excellent consumers and providers of management consulting services

  • Connect students with senior executives in IBCP sponsor firms
Explore the CENTRAL IBCP project
Explore the CENTRAL IBCP project
CENTRAL is the largest parking company in Mexico City


Training for this course will go well beyond classroom instruction.  Students will study consulting theory and techniques, but, more importantly, will receive many hours of  coaching and guidance from the IBCP professor and from senior executives of the sponsor firms. For this reason:

  • The projects are unlike more typical class projects that focus on research, but rather true consulting projects where the students use their research to deliver client-specific recommendations.

  • You will be encouraged to develop a strong point-of-view about the best answer, rather than merely offering options or opinions of what is possible. This promotes critical thinking and executive decision-making.

  • You will experience and understand the importance of clarity of thought and communication in making sound business decisions.


IBEAR MBA students on an IBCP team will each commit to about 125 hours of consulting with the team members, client executives, and IBCP professor.

Students will be responsible to recruit experts and interview them.

Students may travel within the U.S. or internationally to interview local experts and potential clients of the IBCP sponsors.

Students will undergo training in the "best practice" presentation style for the consulting reports to the IBCP client executives.