IBCP Examples

Types of Projects

We typically work on new market entries; market growth strategies for existing product / market; new product introductions into global markets; global operations; distribution strategy; supply-chain redesign; acquisitions in global markets; global organization issues; or most other issues with a global component.

We have worked on industries ranging from high technology and media to pharmaceuticals and from fashion and cosmetics to industrial commodities.

We have completed projects in many countries in Asia, Latin America and Europe, as well as Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the U.S.

Typical and Recent Projects

  • U.S. clean energy technology in Korea

  • Technology acquisitions in Europe and Asia

  • Japanese LED Lighting market growth strategy

  • European Bank entering the U.S

  • Supply Chain restructuring in Asia and Europe

  • Entertainment technology entry in China

  • Food and Beverage market entry in Canada

  • Fashion company entry in China

  • Mining commodities entry in the U.S.

  • Satellite applications globally

  • Mobile technology in Scandinavia

  • Entertainment convergence in Australia

  • Next-gen mobile

  • Medical device manufacturing entry in France

  • Japanese pharmaceutical market entry in Germany

  • Defense technology entry in India and Turkey

  • Mexican company IPO

  • Water purification technology for Latin America

  • Medical devices market entry in Brazil

  • Global infrastructure company entry in Brazil

  • Fast food entry in Peru and Chile

Because of confidentiality agreements with our sponsoring companies, we do not disclose the names and related projects of our clients.