IBCP for Companies

Are you faced with an international business opportunity or challenge in search of a professional, cost effective solution?

We have the answer. Having successfully completed hundreds of International Business Case Projects the past 30 years, our international executive MBA participants are an exceptional resource for your company’s cross-border business challenges.


Outstanding Results

We deliver not just academic research, but professional consulting-level, recommendations, grounded in the rigorous in-field research that our teams perform.

We find and interview – in the local language - the right sources for your type of problem, whether that is customer prospects, suppliers, partners, industry experts and/ or consumers. We also use the extensive USC network overseas and access senior executives and/or consumers.

We combine the in-field findings with our analysis and deliver ready-to-go recommendations, with specific and relevant contact lists in your country of interest and do’s and don'ts for success.

We will open the door in any country, and lay out the specific plan and strategy.

Explore the CTE Tech IBCP Project
Explore the CTE Tech IBCP project 
CTE is the largest wire harness supplier in Taiwan

A Global Team of Mature Professionals

The quality and diversity of the IBEAR MBA participants allows us to put together exceptional teams.

  • A typical year’s participants average 35 years of age with 12 years of international business experience.
  • They come from 15 different countries and many different industries and functions.
  • Most are competent in two or more languages.
  • Each team will be tailored to focus on your project’s country, language, and functional necessities.
  • Each participant brings cultural experience and contacts, and has undergone extensive IBEAR cross-cultural leadership training.


IBEAR consulting engagements begin in January and end in early May with professional oral and written deliverables.

Each IBCP team member invests about 125 hours per project for a total of 500 hours per project.

The class goes through thorough management consulting training in effective and rigorous problem-solving, client and project management, specific interviewing techniques, and world-class business communications with a focus on clarity of message.

We typically commit to confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements as required by our sponsor organizations.


Selection Criteria and Investment

We are looking for companies that will work closely with us and are invested in the efficient and effective solution to the issue at hand:

  • A business issue of pressing importance. Projects must have a cross-border dimension, and be a key part of the company’s strategy.

  • project manager who will commit to a regular (bi-weekly) meeting with the IBEAR MBA student  team for the duration of the project, and will coordinate with other internal stakeholders.

  • Project sponsors pay an IBCP fee of up to $25,000. This fee is used to purchase research reports, cover domestic and international travel expense, and to support IBEAR's work with alumni resources.