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IBEAR MBA-45 Curriculum
2022 - 2023

Term 1 (July 5 - August 18) 


GSBA 523


Communication for Management 

Gregory Patton

GSBA 543


Managerial Perspectives (Leadership) 

Carl Voigt

GSBA 529


Strategic Formulation for Competitive Advantage 

Arvind Bhambri

GSBA 524


Data Science for Business 

Arif Ansari

Term 2 (August 22 - October 14) 


GSBA 510


Corporate Finance 

Shiing-Wu Wang

GSBA 511


Microeconomics for Management 

Erin Kaplan

GSBA 528


Marketing Management 

Dennis Schorr

Term 3 (October 17 - December 17)


GSBA 534   Operations Management Hiroshi Ochiumi

GSBA 549


The Firm in the National & International Economy 

Baizhu Chen

GSBA 548


Corporate Finance

Duke Bristow

GSBA 583   Global Context of Business (required IELP travel) Faculty to be announced

Term 4 (January 9 - March 10) 




International Business Consulting Project 

 Andrew Ogilvie

FBE 529


Financial Analysis and Valuation

Julia Plotts



3-unit Marshall Elective

3-unit Marshall Elective

3-unit Marshall elective

3-unit Marshall Elective


Term 5 (March 13 - May 10) 




International Business Consulting Project

Andrew Ogilvie



Continue 3-unit Marshall Elective

Continue 3-unit Marshall Elective

Continue 3-unit Marshall Elective

Continue 3-unit Marshall elective


Term 6 (May 15 - June 29)  
BAEP 551                             Introduction to New Ventures Jeremy Dann

DSO 545                               Statistical Computing & Data Visualization

Austin Pollok

MKT 530                              New Product Development Diane Badame

Graduation Day: June 29, 2023

Schedule is Subject to Change