Marshall Leadership Fellows

The Marshall Leadership Fellows Program is a co-curricular, comprehensive, one-year long leadership development program for full-time MBA students. MLFP is supported by, and collaborates with Marshall faculty, program office and administration to engage students in curricular, coaching and experiential programs that build key leadership characteristics.

The Program runs from January to December.  Students are selected to join MLFP through an application and scenario based interview process.  Key components of the program include:

  • Two semester-long 1.5 unit Leading and Mentoring courses (Spring semester of first year and Fall semester of second year)
  • Lead in Practice first-year core team coaching assignments
  • Leading in the Field self-discovery and team building exercises
  • Curated leadership speakers
  • and more!

Upon graduation, MLFP Fellows will emerge better prepared for their desired career paths and associated leadership responsibilities.  For more information, please visit the MLFP website.