Core A – B – C

USC Marshall Full-Time MBA students are assigned to three core classes, Core A, B or C. Students take the fall semester core curriculum with approximately 75 classmates. During Orientation, students begin building lifelong friendships with their Core classmates. TAM Day during Orientation is a spirited day filled with team building exercises.

Study Groups

Within each core, students are divided into teams of five to six individuals to create study groups. Working in study groups to complete group projects and presentations, students learn the soft skills needed to work effectively on teams.

What I think makes Marshall really different is that we’re both cooperative, and competitive. We know how to work together as a team.

Vanessa Wong

Class of 2014

Core Board

The Core Board works with students, faculty, student government, administration, and the career center to continue a positive Marshall experience for first year students. Positions include Community, Career Development, Academic and Marketing. These student representatives are able to use their position to demonstrate leadership and creativity skills to fellow classmates.