FTMBA Learning Objectives

The purpose of the USC Marshall School of Business Master of Business Administration is to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become effective leaders. A Master of Business Administration graduate can expect to achieve the following learning objectives:

Learning Goal #1: Develop Personal Strengths.

Our graduates will develop a global and entrepreneurial mindset, lead with integrity, purpose and ethical perspective, and draw value from diversity and inclusion.

1.1 Possess personal integrity and a commitment to an organization’s purpose and core values.

1.2 Expand awareness with a global and entrepreneurial mindset, drawing value from diversity and inclusion.

1.3 Exhibit awareness of ethical dimensions and professional standards in decision-making.


Learning Goal #2:  Gain Knowledge and Skills.

Our graduates will develop a deep understanding of the key functions of business enterprises and will be able to identify and take advantage of opportunities in a complex, uncertain and dynamic business environment using critical and analytical thinking skills.

2.1 Gain knowledge of the key functions of business enterprises.

2.2 Acquire advanced skills to understand and analyze significant business opportunities, which can be complex, uncertain and dynamic.

2.3 Use critical and analytical thinking to identify viable options that can create short-term and long-term value for organizations and their stakeholders.


Learning Goal #3: Motivate and Build High-Performing Teams.

Our graduates will achieve results by fostering collaboration, communication and adaptability on individual, team, and organization levels.

3.1 Motivate and work with colleagues, partners, and other stakeholders to achieve organizational purposes.

3.2 Help build and sustain high-performing teams by infusing teams with a variety of perspectives, talents, and skills and aligning individual success with team success and with overall organizational success.

3.3 Foster collaboration, communication and adaptability in helping organizations excel in a changing business landscape.

“At Marshall, our objectives are to develop students’ critical thinking skills and give them the tools they need to build and work in successful teams,” says Suh-Pyng Ku, Vice Dean for Graduate Programs at USC Marshall. “Our students learn to analyze unstructured problems, frame them in clear and effective ways, and craft creative solutions.”

At USC Marshall, our MBA students get the best of the best – the best business education, the best comprehensive list of electives, the best opportunity to leverage the assets of a world-class private research university that sits at the gateway to the Pacific Rim.  Leading scholars and practitioners emphasize best practices and real-life skills.  A great example? The 2016 Bloomberg-Businessweek Job Skills Report named USC Marshall as the top school consulting industry recruiters looked to when seeking the best communicators.