Wellness Resources

For Graduate Students

Graduate school can be stressful. Ensuring a healthy body and mind is important. Self-care is multi-faceted: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, personal and professional. USC has a variety of resources and strategies to support wellness and health.

Trojans Care 4 Trojans

Trojans Care 4 Trojans (TC4T) - (213) 740-0411
Empowering USC students, faculty and staff to take action when they are concerned about a fellow Trojan challenged with personal difficulties via a private and anonymous request form.

USC Health & Wellness Resources

USC Student Health – (213) 740-9355 (WELL)
Find medical care, sexual assault survivor support, counseling and mental health resources and information on student insurance plans as well as workshops and support.

Student Health Counseling Services - (213) 740-7711 – 24/7 on call
Free and confidential mental health treatment for students, including short-term psychotherapy, group counseling, stress fitness workshops, and crisis intervention.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1 (800) 273-8255 – 24/7 on call
Free and confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Services (RSVP) - (213) 740-4900 – 24/7 on call
Free and confidential therapy services, workshops, and training for situations related to gender-based harm.

Sexual Assault Resource Center
For more information about how to get help or help a survivor, rights, reporting options, and additional resources, visit the website:

USC Support & Advocacy Resources

USC Office of the Provost
Stay informed on issues in higher education that impact your time at USC by reading the announcements from the Office of the Provost, including campus safety, diversity and inclusion, and DACA.

USC Student Affairs Home
USC’s Division of Student Affairs is devoted to creating an integrated learning experience that helps students reach their educational, personal and professional aspirations. Here are some of the supports available to you as a USC student.

Office of Equity, Equal Opportunity and Title IX - (213) 740-5086
This Office works to eliminate harassment and discrimination, advance equal opportunity and inclusion, and execute anti-discrimination enforcement and compliance functions related to sex, race, color, nationality and ethnic origin, disability, age, religion, and other protected classes. The EEO-TIX Office also supports and centralizes ongoing prevention, education, and training efforts across the University.

Bias Assessment Response and Support - (213) 740-2421
Avenue to report incidents of bias, hate crimes, and microaggressions for appropriate investigation and response.

The Office of Disability Services and Programs - (213) 740-0776
Support and accommodations for students with disabilities. Services include assistance in providing readers/notetakers/interpreters, special accommodations for test taking needs, assistance with architectural barriers, assistive technology, and support for individual needs.

Campus Support and Intervention - (213) 740-0411
Assists students and families in resolving complex personal, financial, and academic issues adversely affecting their success as a student.
Website:    Email:

Diversity at USC - (213) 740-2101
Information on events, programs and training, the Provost’s Diversity and Inclusion Council, Diversity Liaisons for each academic school, chronology, participation, and various resources for students.

USC Safety Resources

USC Emergency - UPC: (213) 740-4321, HSC: (323) 442-1000 – 24/7 on call
Emergency assistance and avenue to report a crime. Latest updates regarding safety, including ways in which instruction will be continued if an officially declared emergency makes travel to campus infeasible.

USC Department of Public Safety - UPC: (213) 740-6000, HSC: (323) 442-1000 – 24/7 on call
Non-emergency assistance or information.

Emergency Preparedness / Course Continuity
In case of a declared emergency, the USC Emergency Information web site will provide safety and other information, including means by which instructors will conduct class.

Additional USC Resources