Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics provides students with the statistical and optimization skills necessary to analyze large and unstructured data sets. Students in the program acquire the tools, ideas, and frameworks that will aid them in making business decisions in a scientific manner, based on actual data, to improve the performance of their organization.

Courses are taught in an application-based manner using case studies and relevant projects. A wide range of analytical tools are applied to a variety of industries and business situations in which big data and data analytics are critical decision-making tools.

Flexible Curriculum:

The certificate can be completed either full-time or part-time. Most classes applicable to the program are offered during both daytime and evening hours. Full-time students can earn the certificate in just one fall semester. Part-timers can take one or two courses per semester and complete the certificate while working.


Changing careers?

If you are considering this program as a means to change careers, you should consider the Master of Science in Business Analytics instead. The Graduate Certificate is an excellent means to improving an existing skill set. For those who seek to change careers, the MS degree will provide a more robust education and includes career services.

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