Summer Intensive

Our Summer Intensive Program is a 9 week summer course for incoming Master of Accounting or Business Taxation students who have limited accounting backgrounds. The program is designed as a critical foundation to prepare these students for success in the classroom and employment recruiting during the full-time academic year. Students need an undergraduate degree and as few as three specific accounting/business courses prior to beginning Summer Intensive.

Students in the Summer Intensive Program  come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds. Some having just graduated and others  have been out for 3+ years.

We understand that the program is challenging so our Faculty and Instructional Assistants provide extensive support throughout the summer. The Instructional Assistants, all recent graduates from our program and many having completed Summer Intensive in the prior year, lead review sessions and provide assistance during homework and study time.  



Introductory Accounting
Economics - Micro or Macro
 9 Week accounting Curriculum
Intermediate Accounting
Introduction to Audit & Assurance
Introduction to Taxation
Advanced Accounting


Throughout the Summer Intensive students will participate in professional development workshops designed to expand skills in business communication, writing and presentations.


While the summer study schedule is quite intense, we encourage our students to create balance during this time. The Program Office plans several events to encourage  students to to relax and take a break from their studies. Please open the below link to view a Sample Summer Intensive Schedule.