Our Master of Business Taxation for Working Professionals has been in existence for decades and has a proven track record of successful graduates who are leaders in the fields they have pursued. Whether on-campus or online, the curriculum is identical.

Program Requirements

The 10-courses required to earn this degree include 5 required courses and 5 electives of your choosing. Required Courses—We require students to complete these five courses as the foundation for future learning in more advanced topics.

  • ACCT 550T—Tax Research and Professional Responsibilities—One of the two foundational core courses, usually taken by students in their first semester.
  • ACCT 560T—Tax Theory and Ethics—The second foundational core course and a differentiator for our program. Understand the key historical court cases that underlie much of our tax law today.
  • ACCT 551T—Taxation of Partnerships and S-Corps—A core requirement that addresses this major area of taxation in the United States.
  • ACCT 561T—Taxation of Corporations and Their Shareholders—A core requirement that addresses this major area of taxation in the United States.
  • GSBA 523T—Communication for Accounting and Tax Professionals—Part of our student learning outcomes, professional development is the focus of this required course.

Elective Courses

You may choose from many elective offerings from advanced courses in corporate tax or partnerships, to specialized areas such as state and local tax, international tax, taxation of property transactions, accounting and auditing of income tax, federal tax procedure, estate and gift tax, and family wealth preservation. You may even have the opportunity to take a non-tax elective if it fits with your career pursuits.

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