Spring Internship

The MACC D+A requires an internship in the winter/spring after the first semester.  Participants must have a commitment from a major audit firm in order to be accepted into the program.  The internship should be to participate in financial statement audits and should also specifically include some experience in applying data and analytics in an audit approach.

We will consider on a case by case basis alternative internship experiences, including internal audit and other business areas that would also include data and analytics as well as financial reporting.

Interns will participate in a class that builds on the internship experience.  The class will be remote (a combination of on-line and call-in) and will take place on either Saturday mornings or one evening per week during the internship.  We will be asking for students to discuss the application of audit approach, client interactions, brainstorming around current experiences, specific data and analytics applications, etc.  Our objective is to enhance and support the internship experience.

It is expected that Internships will run from early January through mid/late April.   The internship class will award between 1-3 Semester credit hours.