Tara Labisi

Class of
Business Administration

What are your areas of interest at USC and Marshall?
At USC Marshall, I am most interested in studying Marketing and Management.

What made you choose to attend USC Marshall?
I chose USC Marshall because I knew that I would be granted the unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the applications of marketing, business communication, and business strategy while working alongside like-minded individuals.

What advice do you wish you had known while applying to college?
While applying to college, I wish I had remembered how important it is to trust the process. Everything happens for a reason, and no matter what, you will end up at the university that you are meant to be at.

What are your USC activities/general hobbies?
Marshall Student Ambassadors, USC American Marketing Association, Global Leadership Program, watching USC Sports Teams, and exploring Los Angeles!

Why do you love Los Angeles?
I have always appreciated the wide variety of lifestyles one can have in Los Angeles. Whether you're a music lover or a fitness junky, there will always be an event or activity that you will love.

What global experiences have you taken part in at USC? Please list all Marshall International Trips you have attended, include program name(s) and location(s)
None yet!

What internship/employment opportunities have you taken advantage of at Marshall?
None yet.

What is your favorite USC Marshall Class and why?
My favorite USC Marshall Class has been BUAD 307: Fundamental Principles of Marketing. I thoroughly enjoyed studying the real world applications of Marketing and was grateful to have taken a class during my first semester that furthered my intended career in Marketing. I also loved being a part of USC Marshall's Global Leadership Program.

Tara Labisi

Tara Labisi

Class of:
Business Administration