Paat Rusmevichientong

Justin Dart Professor in Operations Management & Professor of Data Sciences and Operations
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PhD, MS, Stanford University; BA, UC-Berkeley

Paat Rusmevichientong's research focuses on large-scale stochastic optimization problems, with applications to market systems, supply chains, and revenue management. His research has been published in Management Science, Operations Research, and Mathematics of Operations Research. He received the INFORMS George B. Dantzig Dissertation award in 2003 and the NSF CAREER award in 2008. Prior to joining USC, he was a faculty member in the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering at Cornell University, where he was voted Professor of the Year in 2009 and 2011.
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Vishal Gupta, Michael Huang, Paat Rusmevichientong () "Debiasing In-Sample Policy Performance for Small-Data, Large-Scale Optimization ,".
Mika Sumida, Guillermo Gallego, Paat Rusmevichientong, Huseyin Topaloglu, James Davis () "Revenue-Utility Tradeoff in Assortment Optimization under the Multinomial Logit Model with Totally Unimodular Constraints ,"  Management Science  67, 2845-2869.
Paat Rusmevichientong, Mika Sumida, Huseyin Topaloglu () "Dynamic Assortment Optimization for Reusable Products with Random Usage Durations ,"  Management Science  66, 2820-2844.
Yuhang Ma, Paat Rusmevichientong, Mika Sumida, Huseyin Topaloglu () "An Approximation Algorithm for Network Revenue Management Under Nonstationary Arrivals ,"  OPERATIONS RESEARCH  68, 834-855.
Omar El Housni, Mika Sumida, Paat Rusmevichientong, Huseyin Topaloglu, Serhan Ziya () "Can Testing Ease Social Distancing Measures? Future Evolution of COVID-19 in NYC ,".
Vishal Gupta, Paat Rusmevichientong () "Small-Data, Large-Scale Linear Optimization with Uncertain Linear Objectives ,"  Management Science  67, 220-241.