Jack Rasmussen

Class of
Business Administration

What are your areas of interest at USC and Marshall?
Entrepreneurship, Entertainment, and Psychology

What made you choose to attend USC Marshall?
I chose Marshall because of its many areas to explore such as statistics, operations, marketing, and accounting. It really offers a full breadth of business knowledge that I could not get anywhere else as an undergrad. Also, Marshall letting me double minor is both cinema and journalism is a benefit I am grateful for because I want to eventually go into entertainment.

What advice do you wish you had known while applying to college?
I wish I knew that you can probably find a good place at any college. I was so caught up in rankings that I often overlooked location, professors, or people that would become my beat friends. When applying to college, look for a program that attracts you and where you will fit in.

What are your USC activities/general hobbies?
I was a former student body senator for USG. I am the Co-President of Moneythink, the VP of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, the Co-Director of Shaukat Initiative, and member of Marshall Student Ambassadors. In my free time, I love eating at local restaurants, hanging out at the beach, and listening to music.

Why do you love Los Angeles?
I love LA because there is so much to do from visiting clubs, to dining out at nice restaurants, to going to special concerts. The fun really never ends and all the people you meet will change your life.

What global experiences have you taken part in at USC? Please list all Marshall International Trips you have attended, include program name(s) and location(s)
I took part in the Transfer International Experience which was online. I consulted with a waste company in Peru, giving them recommendations on how to grow while also serving their home country in the best way possible.

What internship/employment opportunities have you taken advantage of at Marshall?
I worked for Wells Fargo in New York City last summer and it was an amazing experience to take in Manhattan and meet some of the most influential people of all time on Wall Street. I also worked for an MTV artist, doing marketing for him and calling radio stations.

What is your favorite USC Marshall Class and why?
My favorite USC Marshall Class is marketing because it applies to a lot of real life applications. When I took it we talked about music, movies, billboard and so many other aspects of the entertainment industry that are so fascinating to me. I think marketing intrigues me because of the psychology behind branding and the way marketers can influence others creatively.

Jack Rasmussen

Jack Rasmussen

Class of:
Business Administration