Gary Frazier

Richard and Jarda Hurd Chair in Distribution Management, Professor of Marketing
Room / Office

DBA, MBA, Indiana University; BA, BS, Bemidji State University

Gary Frazier is an expert on structuring and managing channels of distribution and has published extensively in leading marketing journals. He currently serves as editor of Journal of Marketing. He has won several awards for his teaching including Marshall's Golden Apple Award in 2008. Professor Frazier has consulted and taught for a number of major corporations including Coca-Cola, General Electric, Honeywell, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Weyerhaeuser and is active in expert witnessing. He served as an advisor to the Justice Department in its examination of Microsoft. Before joining USC in 1984, Professor Frazier served on the faculty at the University of Illinois.
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Gary Frazier () "Channels Research: A State of the Art Assessment ,"  Invited paper from Editor of the Journal of Marketing.
Gary Frazier () "Jag Sheth: Thanks to a True Giant ,"  Handbook of Marketing Advances in the Era of Disruptions: Essays in Honor of Jagdish N Sheth  Sage Publishing.
Gary Frazier, Venky Shankar () "The Effects of Governance Mechanisms on Distribution Expansion: An Empirical Analysis in the Franchising Context ,"  Rejected at JM but a new revised submission was requested..
Kersi Antia, Erik Mooi, Vishal Kashyap, Gary Frazier () "Vertical Restraints and Channel Relationship Dissolution in Franchise Systems ,"  Being prepared for submission to the Journal of Marketing.
Gary Frazier () "Boundary Personnel Communication in Distribution Channel Relationships ,"  Being revised a third time for the Journal of Marketing.
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