Daisy Ma

Class of
Business of Cinematic Arts & Public Relations

What are your areas of interest at USC and Marshall?
Entertainment, Marketing, Law

What made you choose to attend USC Marshall?
I believe that Marshall offers a great program that allows us to combine our interests in a way where we can truly express who we are and what we want to do. The community of Marshall also offers great opportunities that benefits us academically and career-wise. The positive competitiveness can help me reach my full potential as well.

What advice do you wish you had known while applying to college?
I wish I had understood that the most important part is to not stress about the application process itself, rather use it as a chance to find out our identity, passion, and goals.

What are your USC activities/general hobbies?
Marshall Student Ambassadors, movies, music, and traveling.

Why do you love Los Angeles?
I love this city of opportunities where creativity is encouraged. I also love the people here that are welcoming and accepting. And of course, I also love the variety of food here in Los Angeles.

What global experiences have you taken part in at USC? Please list all Marshall International Trips you have attended, include program name(s) and location(s)
None yet!

What internship/employment opportunities have you taken advantage of at Marshall?
None yet.

What is your favorite USC Marshall Class and why?
BUAD 280 & 281. Both are accounting classes. I think the professor taught really well and gave me a full understanding of the financial and management process of a company.

Daisy Ma

Daisy Ma

Class of:
Business of Cinematic Arts & Public Relations