Remote Access

Accessing Resources from Off-Campus/Off-Network

Gaughan & Tiberti Business Library's contracts with commercial information systems providers stipulate that we restrict access to Marshall's electronic resources to members of the USC and/or Marshall communities (currently enrolled students, faculty and staff). Most of these systems use your computer's TCP/IP number to validate your status, which means you must use a USC network connection to access these resources. If you are working in a computer lab on campus, you have a direct link to the network.

There are several ways to access these resources from off-campus or off-network. Any connectivity issues you have, after following these instructions, can be resolved by contacting Marshall User Support at 213-740-3000, located in Hoffman Hall 300.

Remote Access Portal (Proxy Server)

All USC users with valid accounts can automatically access all USC subscription databases using the new Remote Access-Portal (Proxy Server). Use your USC UNIX webmail ID and password to login; this is the same login that you use for BlackBoard or OASIS. Connectivity to all USC subscription databases will be automatically enabled. If you disconnect from the USC network at any time, you will have to login to the Remote Access-Portal again. Any questions regarding connectivity issues to the Remote Access-Portal Proxy Server can be sent to


A Gaughan & Tiberti Business Library web portlet has been created which appears somewhere on your MyMarshall home page after you log in. All of the electronic database links listed in the portlet have been enabled to directly connect to those databases without using a PPP or VPN connection. This list does not represent all of Marshall's electronic resources, but it does provide instant connectivity to some of our most popular databases. For off-campus access to the other databases, please use VPN or PPP.

Marshall Virtual Lab (Citrix Applications)

Marshall has created a "virtual lab" which permits you to log in and do your research as if you were using a computer on the Marshall network. You will see a link for the Marshall Virtual Lab under the Services tab on your MyMarshall page or use this direct link. Log in using your Marshall account information and select the folder for Library Resources. You will be given a list of resources as well as some additional applications. Choose one and click through any warning messages you receive. You will be taken to the resource that you need.

Access Restrictions

You may be prompted for a password when you try to access an information resource, for one of these reasons:

  • You are trying to access an information system that uses TCP/IP recognition while connecting from a non-USC machine (in this case, log in using the options above)
  • The maximum number of users are already connected to the information system (in this case, try again later).


Corporate Firewalls
Corporate firewalls and corporate TCP/IP numbers will prevent you from accessing many information resources from your office. At work, you may use any of the generally available resources such as those from government agencies, but you will need to access the TCP/IP-restricted resources from a USC machine.