Studies for Course Credit

The researchers at the USC Marshall School of Business conduct marketing and organizational studies throughout the year. Several courses (BUAD 307 and BUAD 304/497) at Marshall include a requirement that students participate in research activities. That is, for some part of course, credit is assigned for research-related activity. You can earn this credit by writing research papers; alternatively, you can earn this credit by attending some research studies and providing your responses as part of the study itself. Students over the age of 18 are eligible to select the second option. Studies vary in their method and amount of credit. Note that study participation is completely optional. You can complete your research requirement by writing papers, if you prefer.

You can sign up for a study by going to the applicable links here:


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Participate?

USC students who are enrolled in introductory courses in organizational behavior and marketing, or in the MOR 497 strategy courses. Note that there are separate "pools," which means different websites and completely separate requirements, for Marketing and for OB/Strategy. (OB and Strategy are in the same pool.) To participate, you must be:

  • Be over 18 years of age or older
  • Fluent in English


Will I be Compensated? There is generally no money paid, although some studies have prizes that do pay real money. For the most part, you earn course credit for participating. You may view these details for each study on the appropriate website.


How Can I Participate? If you are interested in participating in research, you will need to sign up as a participant on either the marketing website or the OB/strategy website. Once you sign up, you will be able to view different studies available on this website, the descriptions of these studies, and the credit they offer. You can then select those that you would like to participate in. You will also be informed about new studies when they become available.


What Will I Be Asked To Do? Typically, participation involves responding to questions on a computer, or interacting with others in a group setting, and reporting your thoughts or preferences. Our studies are behavioral, and they do not involve physical exertion or medical procedures. They do not require any special knowledge, just your honest opinion on how you feel about the situations you will encounter.


Where Do These Studies Take Place? The studies are conducted both in the Marshall School of Business and online. Marshall Behavioral Research Lab facilities are located in the University Park Campus in the lower level (LL) of Verna and Peter Dauterive Hall (VPD).

Address: 635 Downey Way Los Angeles, CA 90089-3331

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How Often Will I be Contacted? When a new study becomes available, the researchers will send you an email with a brief description of the study, so you can go to the website and sign up for it if you are interested, you can then go to the website and sign up to participate. Although the frequency of these announcements depends on the number of new studies available, typically you will receive one study announcement a week.


Privacy We value your privacy. Once you sign up, the website will give you a unique ID number. When communicating with you, the researchers can identify you only by your ID number, thereby ensuring anonymity and protecting your identity.


What If I Change My Mind? Your instructor asks that you make a decision by a certain deadline (available from the instructor) as to whether you will complete your research requirement by writing papers or doing studies. Once you make that decision, your credit will hinge on completion of the required number of studies or papers. However, research study participation is always voluntary. If you change your mind about doing studies, or if you change your mind about a specific study, you are not obligated to participate. Please notify the researcher if you choose not to attend a session. Please talk with your instructor if you would prefer to write papers.