Program Details

Candidates for these positions are all universally recognized research scholars who have had a significant impact on one or more business fields through their research. Specific examples of impact include adoption of theories or methods, citations, publications, major awards, and other forms of recognition. Many of these scholars exhibit cross disciplinary impact, although the primary criterion is their overall stature.

Visitors reside full time at iORB for periods of one week to one month. Each visitor has a designated host and one or more designated host departments. During their visit, the host or host department organizes fruitful activities for faculty, doctoral students, and the visitor. Typical examples of such activities include:

  • a major plenary presentation that appeals to faculty across the school and possibly to students, alumni and practitioners,
  • seminars and workshops on specific topics,
  • feedback on seminars by faculty and doctoral students,
  • one-on-one meetings with faculty and doctoral students for mentoring research and careers,
  • networking events, such as breakfasts, lunches, receptions, dinners and sporting events on weekends.

Distinguished visitors receive an honorarium in addition to reimbursement of all expenses. Calls for nominations for the Distinguished Visiting Fellows program are issued annually. If you are interested in participating in this program please send an enquiry to for further information. 

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