USIF 2022

Undergraduate Student Investment Fund

Michelle Dai USIF 2019


"USIF has given me an invaluable real-world learning experience and has definitely been a highlight of my time at USC. In addition to the frequent guest speakers and office visits, I especially enjoyed all the countless pitches and discussions where I learned so much from peers on different industries, companies, and asset classes." - Michelle Dai, USIF Class of 2019



The Undergraduate Student Investment Fund (USIF) is a primary function of the Marshall School of Business capstone Investment Management course, “Advanced Practicum in Portfolio Management.” This course offers a year-long experiential learning seminar in applied investment management.  It is designed to give students rigorous exposure to contemporary investment and portfolio theory and practice. It also allows the students to learn the skills of actual money managers, through interaction with individuals and institutions in the money management business.

Analytical framework and tools for valuation of stocks, bonds, options, futures, risk management and portfolio optimization, and performance attribution will be presented. Students will demonstrate and refine their understanding and ability to apply analytical concepts and techniques through fund management, sector reports, company research reports, stock pitching exercises and an annual report.


With the generosity of Catherine Nicholas to the University, the USIF program was established in 2008. As of March 31, a total of $550,000 was donated to USIF by various donors. Today, there are 20 USIF managers with $5.1million in total assets under management.


  • To provide a select group of up to  undergraduate students with hands-on experience in managing a portion of the University’s equity endowment;
  • To provide an academic background for the consideration and appreciation of security analysis and portfolio management through assigned and self-selected readings;
  • To enhance academic experience through interaction with individuals and institutions engaged in the money management business;
  • To produce and present an Annual Report which will provide a description of course experience and a record of achievements.