Center for Investment Studies: Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Student Investment Fund (SIF)

The Center for Investment Studies sponsors Student Investment Funds (SIF). The Graduate Student Investment Funds were among the first such university funds when they were established more than 30 years ago. They have since grown to approximately $10.9 million dollars* under management.


Undergraduate Student Investment Fund (USIF)

The Center started the Undergraduate Student Investment Fund (USIF) in Spring 2008, and we are very excited about its growth. The Student Investment Funds are managed by sixteen students enrolled in our capstone courses in advanced investment management. As of March 31, 2021, the total USIF portfolio held approximately $5.1 million in assets under management. 

“USIF was no doubt one of my favorite classes. It was the only class I had where students’ decisions actually matter, and I could directly see the impact of our work. Throughout the year, I learned so much not only from the process of identifying and pitching investments, but also from other portfolio managers. This class connected the textbook to the real world by bringing in amazing guest speakers and allowing us to visit companies. It also provided us the opportunity to develop soft skills as we took on operational roles. The knowledge and skills that we have gained in USIF will be so valuable for our future careers.” - Wray Wang, USIF 2019



*last updated 3/31/2021