What We Do

Dedicated to creating the next generation of enlightened, responsible business leaders and social entrepreneurs.


What We Do

BSEL offers graduate and undergraduate academic programming:

As part of USC’s extensive startup ecosystem, BSEL also has developed a wide range of cocurricular programs  to support students, faculty and alumni in the creation and growth of impactful social enterprise:

Cutting-Edge Research

At BSEL, we know the power of data and research to change hearts and minds.  Each year, we bring together researchers and practitioners in the field of social entrepreneurship from around the globe for the largest academic gathering on social enterprise.  Founded by BSEL’s Research Director, Dr. Jill Kickul, the Annual Social Entrepreneurship Conference has widely influenced the development and evaluation of the social entrepreneurship field.  We also continue to advance the field of social entrepreneurship through rigorous data collection and ground-breaking studies.

We are here to help you realize your dreams!

We provide mentoring, career counseling, and consultations for students who are serious about using their education to create impact in their communities, including subsidies for students who intern at social enterprises in the greater Los Angeles area.  Book office hours here.