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Below is a collection of select articles featuring BSEL over the years.

April 03, 2022
Hoping to Change the World

March 25, 2022
Why Disney’s lip service to LGBTQ+ people is no longer enough

Jan 20, 2022  

Meet the MBA Class of 2023: Adewale Oduye, USC (Marshall)

August 16, 2021

LegalZoom Partners with USC Marshall School of Business to Foster the Next Generation of Social Entrepreneurs

May 19, 2020

Seeds of Change

Nov 6, 2018 New Business Models needed for Nonprofits Sep 27, 2018 Best Places to Look (to look for Social Impact Jobs)
July 15, 2018 Tracy Morgan and TBS made a TV show and then they did this really cool thing. July 14, 2018

In Los Angeles Business Journal this week

May 1, 2018

USC Warren Bennis scholars face high expectations


April 9, 2018 Designing for seniors: USC human-centered design
April 24, 2018

Second USC summit on ending homelessness in LA offers insights on progress


April 11, 2018

Should you go back for your MBA to further your career or to be a better entrepreneur?

Feb 20, 2018 

DO Gooders


December 25, 2017

Two social entrepreneurs change how companies give back


December 25, 2017

Here's $60,000 from your teachers: How do you spread the wealth?


October 25, 2017 Vatican supported startup project has trojan power from the top down

October 3, 2017

Environmental activist at USC heads a global group focusing on climate change


May 9, 2017

MBA student combines education and enterprise to guide teens towards college

April 20, 2017 

How business models are addressing social issues


March 21, 2017 

Social Impact at the Marshall School of Business


January 10, 2017

The simple filter that could save lives around the world


January 10, 2017

Millennials and more turn to business to make social change


April 25, 2016

An investment idea whose time has come for Angola


March 21, 2016

15 Years of Partnerships: USC Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab


March 16, 2016

Something to keep your eyes on: Affordable glasses with lenses that need no prescription


February 2, 2016

Adlai Wertman: The social education of a Wall Streeter