Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program

Among the three primary goals of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at USC Marshall is that students will graduate with a deep grounding in one or more specific areas of business. Marketing is a popular choice for specialized, functional knowledge of identification of markets, branding, and selling a product or idea.

In order to gain this deeper understanding, business administration majors must complete 12 units of upper-division elective courses (typically three 4-unit courses) offered by the Marshall School, specifically 300- or 400-level course with the MKT prefix. Students can also satisfy the business electives requirement through participation in a Marshall School sponsored international exchange program. Click here for more information.

Electives should be selected based on a student’s personal and professional goals and in consultation with an academic adviser. The Marshall School’s academic departments and centers can also help students select courses that are particularly useful in careers in fields covered by the department or center. Electives are normally clustered in a particular field, by may also be spread across different fields.

Minor in Marketing

The minor in marketing is available to students in all schools and departments except business majors. Marketing studies processes that organizations use to identify and serve the needs of customers.

The marketing minor provides a business-related education that will supplement many undergraduate majors and enhance the career prospects for students whose majors could incorporate a marketing dimension or application. This minor should appeal to any student interested in an early marketing career, which includes—but is not limited to—professional sales, retailing, marketing research, product management, and advertising.

Eligible students must have completed a minimum of 32 units of college-level course work and have a minimum GPA of 2.75. Students take four elective courses offered in the marketing department to satisfy this minor.

Experiential Learning

Business students with an interest in marketing have many opportunities for hands-on learning while at Marshall. Examples include:

MKT 406: Practicum in Advertising and Promotion Design – This course is the equivalent of a marketing internship and is a resume builder. The class forms its own marketing agency and develops, executes, and evaluates an integrated marketing communication plan for a real corporate client based on the client’s objectives, budget, and parameters.

MKT 446: Practicum in New Product Development and Branding – Step into the shoes of a product manager and lead the development of an actual product. Students research, create, design, and develop prototypes and marketing plans for a successful new product introduction for a brand. The course is collaboratively taught by faculty from Marshall, the Viterbi School of Engineering, and the Roski School of Fine Arts.