Undergraduate Electives

Fall  2021

MKT Fall 2021 Undergraduate Electives

Graduate Courses

Fall 2021

MKT 512                                                            
MKT 512 Customer Insights and Analysis
Professor Larry Vincent

This course will introduce students to the high-level approaches required to understand customers and their contribution to the business.                                 

  MKT 525
MKT 525 Consumer Behavior
Professor Kristin Diehl

Theories and applications of consumer behavior in marketing; psychological, social, cultural and ethnic factors influencing consumer behavior.

MKT 526 
MKT 526 Advertising and Social Media: Strategy and Analytics
Professor Gerard Tellis

This course will provide students with new theories, tools, media, and models to compete strategically in this rapidly changing environment.

MKT 528 
MKT 528 Sales Management:  The Art and Science of Sales
Professor Steven Martin

This course will focus on the most important aspects of sales: how to create a sales strategy, manage the sales process, and convince skeptical customers to believe in you and your solution.

MKT 530 
MKT 530 New Product Development
Professor Laurence Vincent

This course in new product planning provides a condensed simulation of the key aspects of a typical new product development planning cycle.

MKT 533
MKT 533 Branding Strategy
Professor Diane Badame

This course is designed to study brands and brand portfolios in a variety of industries domestically and globally so that key branding principles and frameworks can be applied to develop an effective Brand Strategy Plan (BSP) team project.

MKT 555
MKT 555 Marketing Channels
Professor Gary Frazier

This course is focused on helping you learn as much as possible about channel management in a classroom setting.

MKT 560
MKT 560 Marketing Strategy
Professor Diane Badame

This course is designed for students who have mastered the fundamentals of marketing management and are now seeking to expand their knowledge and capabilities in the more advanced discipline of marketing strategy.

  MKT 566
MKT 566 Marketing Analytics
Professor Dennis Schorr

Applications and models of marketing-related data analyses to the development of data-driven marketing strategies and making data-driven marketing decisions.

MKT 586
MKT 586 Fashion, Luxury and Lifestyle Marketing
Professor Diane Badame
This course is designed to develop the intellectual ability of the students to successfully identify issues and problems within a variety of business settings in the fashion, luxury goods and lifestyle sectors in the global marketplace.
  MKT 589
MKT 589 CMO on Shareholder Value
Professor Diane Badame
Provide an understanding of the role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in a variety of industries and how he or she influences shareholder value.