Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a syllabus for my course?

The USC Schedule of Classes posts all syllabi. Go to the following link to find your course syllabus. If you do not find your syllabus here, contact the professor directly.

SOC URL: http://web-app.usc.edu/soc/

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What is my professor's phone number, e-mail address, or office location?

All of this information is available online. Go to our Faculty page, then choose the professor's name from the list.


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How can I make an appointment with my professor?

Professors keep their own schedules and make their own appointments. To set up an appointment with any faculty member, contact them directly.

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Do I need department approval to take an MOR concentration?

No. If you have already been accepted into the Marshall school, register normally for the courses in the concentration.

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How can I apply to the Marshall school?

All applications are processed through the appropriate admissions office. For an application and more information, contact the following offices:

Undergraduate Admissions:

MBA Admissions:

Doctoral Program:
Julie Phaneuf, phaneuf@marshall.usc.edu

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I want to be placed on a waiting list for an MOR class. What should I do?

To be placed on a waiting list for any graduate elective course, contact the Marshall Registrar's office at 213-740-5424. NOTE: MOR required courses do not have waiting lists.

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