Case Collection

Long an entrepreneurial hub and technological powerhouse, now one of the world’s top startup ecosystems, Southern California – including Los Angeles, in particular – has been the launching point for products and business models that have redefined industries and changed the world. From the Spruce Goose to space capsules, from silent films to social media, the region is known for innovations that have transformed media and entertainment, aerospace, biotech, cleantech, communications, video games, tourism and more.

The Greif Center is committed to sharing as many of these LA and SoCal stories as we can – though a rapidly growing collection of teaching cases drawn from local and regional industries, firms and innovations. Our goal: to help students become more effective thinkers and doers. Our cases allow students to step briefly into the the shoes of today’s most forward-thinking entrepreneurial leaders and consider the marketplace, technological, and managerial challenges they face.


Our other cases, available, through HBSP and The Case Centre: