Research & Publication

The Greif Center is committed to originating, supporting, and honoring important research in entrepreneurship, through an array of programs designed to develop new knowledge of both theoretical and practical import – enhancing new venture outcomes, improving founder decision-making, providing our entrepreneurial students and other stakeholders with useful, data-driven business tools, and strengthening relationships throughout the entrepreneurial community. 

Entrepreneurship Research

Faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and doctoral candidates throughout the Marshall School are actively engaged in research and publication about myriad aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Greif Center Faculty & Doctoral Student Research Awards

Each year, we supplement the existing financial resources of several USC faculty members and doctoral candidates, to help support exemplary entrepreneurship research and publication. Recent faculty award recipients are:

  • 2019. Dr. Eric Anicich, A Daily Investigation of Entrepreneuring in the On-Demand Economy.
  • 2019. Dr. Joseph Raffiee, Dr. Daniel Fehder, & Dr. Florenta Teodoridis, How does Individual Political Ideology Impact Innovation and Entrepreneurship?
  • 2018. Dr. Nan Jia, Entrepreneurial Firms’ Political Strategy: Antecedents to Constituency Building.
  • 2018. Dr. Daniel Fehder & Dr. Nathanael Fast, Uncovering The Micro-Mechanics Of Entrepreneurial Teams.
  • 2017. Dr. Shantanu Dutta, Marketing Entrepreneurship and Well-Being: Evidence from Subsistence Marketplaces in India.
  • 2017. Dr. Shon Hiatt, The Impact of Market Intermediaries on Entrepreneurial Entry in the Global Carbon Offset Market.
  • 2017. Dr. Tianshu Sun, Social Information Sharing and the Growth of Small Businesses: Evidence from an Observational Study and a Randomized Field Experiment.

Recent doctoral research award winners are:

  • 2018. Beverly Rich, for research that examines the effect of AI technology on contract design by entrepreneurial technology firms.
  • 2017. Kate Jue Wang, for research that seeks to understand what motivates legislators to enact regulations in new industries using controversial technologies.

Greif Center Research Impact Award

During each year’s Academy of Management conference, the Greif Center recognizes those whose published research in a top management entrepreneurship journal has subsequently emerged to have had a uniquely powerful and positive impact on entrepreneurship research or practice. The most recent winners of this $5,000 award, assessed on the basis of SSCI citations received in the five years prior to the award, are:

  • 2020. Ethan Mollick (University of Pennsylvania. for "The Dynamics of Crowdfunding: An Exploratory Study." Published in the Journal of Business Venturing 29 (2014).
  • 2019. Sharon Alvarez (University of Pittsburgh) & Jay B. Barney (University of Utah) for "The Discovery-creation: Alternative Theories of Entrepreneurial Action." Published in Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (2007).
  • 2018. Jeffery S. McMullen (Indiana University) & Dean A. Shepherd (Notre Dame University) for "Entrepreneurial Action and the Role of Uncertainty in the Theory of the Entrepreneur." Published in the Academy of Management Review (2006).
  • 2017. Saras D Sarasvathy for “Causation and Effectuation: Toward a Theoretical Shift from Economic Inevitability to Entrepreneurial Contingency.” Published the Academy of Management Review (2001).

Entrepreneurship Seminar Series

Each academic year, the Greif Center, in partnership with Marshall’s Management and Organization Department, invites luminary entrepreneurship researchers from all over to visit us, present their recent work, and meet with interested students and faculty. Those to visit most recently include:

  • Saras Sarasvathy, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia
  • Paul Godfrey, Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young University
  • Michael Leiblein, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University
  • Howard Aldrich, Kenan-Flagler Business School, UNC at Chapel Hill
  • Aaron (Ronnie) Chatterji, Duke University
  • Toby Stuart, Lester Center for Entrepreneurship, UC Berkeley
  • Rajshree Agarwal, R.H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland
  • Woody Powell, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

West Coast Research Symposium on Technology Entrepreneurship

An annual research conference attended by top technology entrepreneurship researchers worldwide, the West Coast Entrepreneurship Research Symposium is organized jointly by a committee of senior faculty members from USC, Stanford, University of Washington, University of Oregon, and University of Alberta. Over the years since it was initiated, the symposium has grown to include paper presentations and a doctoral student workshop. 

Social Entrepreneurship Conference

This 2-day, annual event is the largest national gathering of academics, practitioners, and students committed to developing theory and research about social entrepreneurship and its impact on global communities. The event is jointly run by faculty at USC and Indiana University, with its location changing each year.