Undergraduate Degree Programs

BS in Business Administration (Marshall School of Business)

An undergraduate degree that provides students with a deep grounding in business, and the ability to develop mindset, skills, and fluency needed to: (1) start a new venture; (2) manage a rapidly growing business, or (3) develop and execute new business models in established companies.

BS in Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation (Iovine and Young Academy)

A degree that offers a select group of students the opportunity for in-depth learning at the intersection of three essential areas: art and design; engineering and computer science; and business and venture management.

Undergraduate Minors

Entrepreneurship (Marshall School of Business)

Available to students in all schools and departments except business majors. It provides an understanding of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial mindset. 

Disruptive Innovation (Iovine and Young Academy)

Utilizes the techniques of human-centered design and an interdisciplinary, hands-on approach to provide students with the knowledge and skills to understand, nurture and drive innovation. Course work delivers a range of fundamental theories, frameworks, and experiences to augment the knowledge students are gaining in their majors with an understanding of the techniques, methods and methodologies of the world's greatest innovators.

Game Entrepreneurship (Marshall School of Business / School of Cinematic Arts)

For students interested in building a business in the games and digital media industry. Building on the business, production and management courses in the Interactive Media Division, the minor culminates in an advanced game project course, providing students with hands-on mentorship in starting actual companies based on the work they are already doing. Provides a basis in theories of design and production for games, as well as a strong grounding in the business knowledge necessary to become an entrepreneur.

Health Innovation (Iovine and Young Academy / USC Keck MESH Academy)

The potential for innovation at the intersection of health, medicine, design and technology is exploding. In order to take full advantage of the entrepreneurial and research opportunities in this space, a new style of undergraduate education is necessary for a new generation of learners – agile and adaptive thinkers who cross easily from discipline to discipline, steadily advancing the role that technology plays in our present and our future.

Innovation: The Digital Entrepreneur (Marshall School of Business / Viterbi School of Engineering)

Enhance your marketing, invention, and business skills by learning the development processes and project management methodologies used by startups and tech companies.

Media Entrepreneurship & Economics (Marshall School of Business / Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism)

Media, Economics & Entrepreneurship—M{2e}—is an interdisciplinary program  that studies the economic forces reshaping the communications landscape. Students get a chance to combine their media skills and their business skills, completing fieldwork with leading companies and developing the ability to lead the next wave of change in media.

Performance Science  (Marshall School of Business)

For students interested in understanding the science, best practices, and applied processes that instill a high-performance mindset. This  multi-disciplinary minor spans business, psychology, biology, philosophy, and athletics, with the goal sof optimizing individual mindsets, maximizing performance, and creating an organizational culture of high performance.

Social Entrepreneurship (Marshall School of Business)

For students of all majors who are interested in social innovation and want to use business to solve the world’s most serious problems. Coursework covers social entrepreneurship, best practices in public and private sectors, and management skills required to start and maintain social enterprises.

Technology Commercialization (Marshall School of Business / Viterbi School of Engineering)

Designed for students from a range of backgrounds (e.g., majors in engineering, life sciences or business), to help them acquire the skills that support successfully initiating their own technology-based ventures, working for technology-based start-up companies, and pursuing corporate careers that may involve the commercialization of new technology.

Undergraduate Programs with Coursework in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

W.V.T. Rusch Engineering Honors Program: Innovation Track (Viterbi School of Engineering)

Designed for Viterbi Engineering Honors Program students, this program helps build skills in identifying new technology opportunities and aligning technology and innovation strategies. Innovative thinking is here developed -- understood as a mindset that supports the deployment of the structures that underlie technical content. 

Graduate Degree Programs

MS in Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Marshall School of Business)

A 1-year, full-time, experiential degree focused on the graduate student seeking to launch or grow a new venture – from opportunity recognition to business model development to founding team formation, launch, financing, and growth.

MS in Social Entrepreneurship (Marshall School of Business)

A 1-year full-time or 2-year part-time degree focused on the graduate student committed to developing innovative, market-based solutions to social problems in areas such as education, healthcare, sustainability, and the environment.

MS in Integrated Design, Business and Technology (Iovine and Young Academy)

A cross-disciplinary, integrated master’s curriculum that teaches the principles of design as the basis for creative problem-solving. Students become agile thinkers who can analyze the nature of problems and opportunities; envision, propose and implement solutions; and adapt to change and uncertainty.

MS in Product Innovation (Iovine and Young Academy)

A degree to support students interested in reimaging the traditional concept of a product, to encompass not just physical objects, but also virtual, multi-dimensional and cross-platform devices, environments and experiences. This program provides students with expertise in the development and launch of products that address the needs of a technology-enhanced global society.

Graduate Programs with Coursework in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Foundational and advanced entrepreneurship courses in all of our MBA programs allow students to learn the basics, launch a business, enhance their flexibility in corporate environments, and develop their entrepreneurial mindset.

Master of Business Administration (Full-Time) (Marshall School of Business)

MBA Professionals & Managers (Part-Time) (Marshall School of Business)

Online Master of Business Administration (Marshall School of Business)


Certificate in Technology Commercialization (Marshall School of Business)

A 4-course certificate program focused on taking new technologies to market. Topics include invention, product development, technical and market feasibility analysis, intellectual property, business design, and venture funding.


Our course list is always being updated, but a subset of current offerings is below. Additional details can be found in the course catalogue.

Academic Medicine

  • ACMD 591 Designing Research on Innovations in Academic Medicine

  • ACMD 592 Implementing Research on Innovation in Academic Medicine

  • ACMD 598 Fieldwork: Designing Innovations for the Health Professions

Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation

  • ACAD 260 Introduction to Healthcare Innovation

  • ACAD 181 Disruptive Innovation – Social Analysis GE

  • ACAD 177 Digital Toolbox for Design

  • ACAD 176 Rapid Visualization

  • ACAD 188 Digital Toolbox: Modeling Products I

  • ACAD 189 Digital Toolbox: Modeling Products II

  • ACAD 207 Multimedia for Designers and Entrepreneurs I

  • ACAD 240 Materials: Denim to Nanotubes

  • ACAD 307 Multimedia for Designers and Entrepreneurs II

  • ACAD 345 Product Design II

  • ACAD 324 The Practice of Design: Ideation to Innovation- Arts GE

  • ACAD 178 Digital Toolbox: Motion Graphics

  • ACAD 180 Digital Toolbox: Sound and Audio

  • ACAD 245 Product Design I

  • ACAD 280 Designing for Experiences

Computer Science

  • CSCI 599 Hacking for Defense

Civil Engineering

  • CE: 499 Innovation in Engineering Design for Global Grand Challenges

Data Sciences and Operations

  • DSO 431 Foundations of Digital Business Innovation


  • ENGR 461 Engineering Economics and Technology Development


  • BAEP 310 Launching Disruptive Ventures

  • BUAD 301 Technology Entrepreneurship

  • BAEP 423 Management of Small Businesses

  • BAEP 450 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

  • BAEP 451 The Management of New Enterprises

  • BAEP 452 Feasibility Analysis

  • BAEP 453 Venture Management

  • BAEP 454 Venture Initiation: Launching and Scaling Your Startup

  • BAEP 455 Founder's Dilemmas

  • BAEP 460 Seminar in Entrepreneurship

  • BAEP 465 Digital Playbook for Entrepreneurs: Creating a Tech Startup

  • BAEP 469 Growth Hacking: Scaling Startups

  • BAEP 470 The Entrepreneurial Mindset — Taking the Leap

  • BAEP 471 Social Innovation Design Lab

  • BAEP 472 The Science of Peak Performance

  • BAEP 474 The Entrepreneur's Guide to Intellectual Property

  • BAEP 475 Entertainment Entrepreneurship

  • BAEP 480 Entrepreneurial Family Business

  • BAEP 491 Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

  • BAEP 495 Practicum in Business Issues (Internship)

  • BAEP 496 The Digital Startup Launchpad

  • BAEP 497 Field Project in Entrepreneurship

  • BAEP 499 Special Topics

  • BAEP 549 The Entrepreneurial Journey

  • BAEP 550 Entrepreneurship and Venture Management

  • BAEP 551 Introduction to New Ventures

  • BAEP 552 Venture Feasibility

  • BAEP 553 Cases in New Venture Management

  • BAEP 554 Venture Initiation

  • BAEP 555 Founder's Dilemmas: Anticipate and Avoid Startup Pitfalls

  • BAEP 556 Technology Feasibility

  • BAEP 557 Technology Commercialization

  • BAEP 558 The Entrepreneurial Advisor: Problem Solving for Early-Stage Companies

  • BAEP 559 Investing in New Ventures

  • BAEP 560 Acquiring Your Own Business or Opportunity

  • BAEP 561 Entrepreneurship in Innovative Industries: Life Sciences

  • BAEP 562 Entrepreneurship in eCommerce

  • BAEP 563 Corporate Entrepreneurship

  • BAEP 564 Investing in Impact Ventures

  • BAEP 566 Cases in Feasibility Analysis for Social Ventures

  • BAEP 567 Social Entrepreneurship: Design, Develop, and Deliver

  • BAEP 571 Social Innovation Design

  • BAEP 575 Entrepreneurship in the Media and Entertainment Industry

  • BAEP 585 Seminar: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • BAEP 590 Directed Research

  • BAEP 591 Social Entrepreneurship

  • BAEP 592 Field Research in Business Entrepreneurship

  • BAEP 593 Independent Research in Business Entrepreneurship

  • BAEP 595 Internship in Business Entrepreneurship

  • BAEP 596 Research Practicum in Business Entrepreneurship

  • BAEP 597 Consulting Project in Business Entrepreneurship

  • BAEP 598 Special Topics

  • BAEP 599 Special Topics

Information Technology Program

  • ITP-310 Design for User Experience

  • ITP-320 Enterprise Information Systems

  • ITP-411 Multimedia and Video Production

  • ITP 466 Building the High Tech Startup

  • ITP-470 Information Technology Practicum

  • ITP 476 Technologies for Interactive Marketing

  • ITP-479 Cyber Law and Privacy

  • ITP-480 Information Technology Internship

Industrial & Systems Engineering

  • ISE 585 Strategic Management of Technology

Policy, Planning, and Development

  • PPD 478 Social Innovations