courses for every kind of entrepreneurial thinker and doer

Our undergraduate entrepreneurship program is designed to provide students with a broad and deep course portfolio, to help support diverse entrepreneurial and career interests. A 3-course, highly experiential sequence of “fundamentals” allows students to rapidly progress from a generalist understanding of entrepreneurial process to a more focused testing and launching of ventures. For those seeking a deeper dive into specific aspects of entrepreneurship, additional course paths are designed to enhance student skills in managing people and founding teams, assessing and financing new ventures, deploying an entrepreneurial mindset, and more. For those seeking a complete program, tailored to personal or professional interests, we offer seven business or interdisciplinary minors, each of which includes required fundamentals and an array of more focused courses.

Our curriculum is applied, practical, flexible, and built on decades of research. That said, our professors and founder/instructors are committed to delivering the most current, relevant, and robust learning outcomes; we update existing and introduce new courses on a continual basis. Our goal: to maximize the likelihood of our students’ success as entrepreneurial thinkers and entrepreneurial doers, in both new businesses and more established organizations.

Our current course portfolio is below. Descriptions of each course can be found in our course catalogue.


Our Courses

The Fundamentals

  • Step 1 - Take an introductory course (BAEP 450, BAEP 451, BUAD  301, or BAEP 423)
  • Step 2 - Complete an advanced course (BAEP 452, BAEP 453)
  • Step 3 - Launch a new venture (BAEP 454

Additional Course Options

    • Founders Dilemmas (BAEP 455)
    • Seminar in Entrepreneurship (BAEP 460)
    • Digital Playbook for Entrepreneurs (BAEP 465)
    • Growth Hacking: Scaling Startups (BAEP 469)
    • Entrepreneurial Mindset: Taking the Leap (BAEP 470)
    • Social Innovation Design Lab (BAEP 471)
    • Science of Peak Performance (BAEP 472)
    • Entertainment Entrepreneurship (BAEP 475)
    • Family Business (BAEP 480)
    • Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship (BAEP 491)
    • Practicum in Business Issues (Internship) (BAEP 495)
    • Digital Startup Launchpad (BAEP 496)
    • Field Project in Entrepreneurship (BAEP 497)
    • Special Topics in Entrepreneurship (BAEP 499)


    Our Marshall School Minors

    • Entrepreneurship (for students outside of the Marshall School)
    • Social Entrepreneurship
    • Performance Science

    Our Interdisciplinary Minors

    • Media Entrepreneurship & Economics (in partnership with USC Annenberg)
    • Technology Commercialization (in partnership with USC Viterbi)
    • Innovation: The Digital Entrepreneur (in partnership with USC Viterbi)
    • Game Entrepreneurship (in partnership with USC School of Cinematic Arts)