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We may not be back on campus just yet, but we are still doing our all to support our students and to keep our programming going at this challenging time. We were thrilled to award $95,000 in prizes through our New Venture Seed Competition -- just wrapped up, online.  In the Hack for Hope, an online hackathon built and launched after the lockdown began, we invited community members to submit projects that could help address immediate COVID-19-related challenges, awarding startup prizes to more than ten promising concept and startup teams. In a Marshall Webinar series (ongoing), we shared some information to help support those seeking answers right now. And in one of several Tommy Talks launched by USC Marshall, we reflected on some of the ethical questions raised in the current environment. Stay tuned, as we try to continue bringing our students and our community the information and opportunities that we hope will galvanize innovation and entrepreneurship.

We hope that you all remain safe and healthy. We so look forward to being back on campus, with everyone.


Hack for Hope

Hack for Hope


Marshall Webinar Series

USC Marshall Webinar Series

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