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Leventhal School of Accounting

USC Leventhal offers four master’s programs to accommodate the diversity of backgrounds and educational pursuits of our students. All qualify students to take the Uniform CPA Exam:

  • Master of Accounting (MAcc)
    The MAcc program is a full-time, one-year program in which students study accounting in greater depth than is typically provided in an undergraduate accounting program or MBA program with a concentration in accounting. Completion of the program qualifies students to sit for the Uniform CPA Exam. The MAcc is a STEM designated program.
  • Master of Accounting (MAcc D+A)
    The MAcc with an emphasis on data analytics is a full time, one-year course of study which introduces students to the types of technologies that are fundamentally changing the way audits are conducted. An audit internship in the Spring semester is a critical piece of the curriculum - building a bridge for the student between his or her academic and work life, ultimately enriching both. The MAcc D+A is a STEM designated program.
  • Master of Business Taxation (MBT) The MBT provides an in-depth specialization in taxation and analytical skills designed to prepare students for a successful career in the tax field. Intended for today’s professionals using technology and data tools in applying the breadth of tax law and regulations, the program provides students with the technical, analytical, and communication skills necessary to assist clients large and small.
  • Master of Business Taxation - Working Professionals (MBT.WP) On-Campus and Online
    The MBT-Working Professionals program is a part-time, evening program designed specifically for students who wish to remain fully employed while pursuing their graduate studies. This program provides the same rigorous curriculum as the full-time program. Most students complete the program in two to three years.


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