Real Estate MBA

Graduate students in business may choose to emphasize real estate by taking courses offered by the Program in the Department of Finance and Business Economics. Consistent with the philosophy of the MBA education, these students will receive a broad base of experience in core courses and electives that ensures a diversity of training and experience that enhances the students' particular area of emphasis. The real estate electives emphasize finance, investment, valuation, development, law and the economics of real estate markets.

Students interested in careers in the real estate industry and a degree that prepares them for such a career whether it be in asset management, lending or development should recognize that the real estate industry, while having many unique characteristics, is fundamentally an industry peopled by knowledgeable and talented managers and entrepreneurs. The breadth of the MBA curriculum provides exposure to the diversity of skills needed by the manager or entrepreneur including marketing, management, strategic planning, finance, economics and accounting. Electives in real estate and related areas provide the depth in the student's specific area of interest and permit the student to "design" a degree to meet personal needs.

Characteristic of the Program is the student's ability to tailor a curriculum to meet specific educational and career goals ranging from asset management to real estate development. Graduates target careers in real estate finance, investment and asset management, consulting, valuation, real estate development and the public sector.

The specific courses in the real estate area among which the student can choose follows. These courses would typically be taken subsequent to the core courses, and would be enhanced by other electives directed toward the study of corporate finance, the financial services industry, marketing, accounting and land use planning. The student would normally complete at least four of the following courses in the second year of the MBA curriculum. FBE 589 and 591 would usually be among those courses chosen.