Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We're located in Bridge Hall 308.

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How can I get in contact with one of DSO's professors?

You can send them an email at the address listed on our department webpage (https://www.marshall.usc.edu/departments/data-sciences-and-operations/faculty)" .  You can also stop by BRI-308 to leave them a written message.

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Can I take a course and its pre-requisite concurrently or waive pre-requisite in one semester?

To adequately prepare you for the more advanced electives, you will not be allowed to take a course and its pre-requisite concurrently or waive the pre-requisite for required courses.

However, for some electives, instructors of more advanced courses have made some rare exceptions. Should you be willing to work harder and take the course and its pre-requisite concurrently, you need your instructor’s approval. You should first obtain the pre-requisite waiver form from the undergraduate advisement office located in Fertitta Hall, Suite 201.  Once you fill out the necessary information on the form, then you can proceed to obtain the instructor’s signature. Only the faculty member teaching the course for which the pre-requisite exists can give you permission to take that course. (Note that, to grant your request, your instructor might ask for additional documentation or proof from you).

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Can my instructor drop me from the class for which I have registered?

According to University Policy, your instructor can drop you from your registered class, if you have not attended the first two scheduled meetings of a class that meets twice per week or if you have not attended the first scheduled class meeting for a class that meets once per week. If you are unable to attend the first two scheduled class meetings due to extraordinary circumstances, you should contact your instructor and obtain his/her approval before you decide not to show up to the first few class meetings!

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Who is qualified to take a waiver exam?

Waiver exams are administered in the following undergraduate required courses: BUAD-310 and BUAD-311; please contact your undergraduate advisor to initiate the process.  u must have approval from the Undergraduate Office in BRI 104 to take a waiver exam. You can only take the waiver exam for a specific course ONCE.

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Where is my final exam being held?

Unless otherwise specified by your instructor, your final exam will be held in your course classroom. If your final exam room is different than your regular classroom, your instructor will announce this in class and most likely also notify you via email

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What can I do if I have more than two final exams scheduled on the same day?

Your instructor cannot change the date and time unless your class unanimously agrees to the change. (This means it is practically impossible for your instructor to change the final exam date just because you and a few of your classmates have more than two final exams on the same date.) You are, therefore, expected to take your final exam as scheduled. (At the time that you register, the final exam schedules are published. We recommend that you take this into account when you are ready to register.) If you have more than two exams scheduled on the same day, you can contact our University Testing Bureau at 213-740-7166 on what action to take.

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What can I do if I have question about my final course grade?

The only person that can change your grade is your instructor. Should you have any questions about your final course grade, contact your instructor immediately and directly. If you need assistance to contact your instructor for grade inquiries, you can contact our Administrative Manager Deborah Taylor at dataylor@marshall.usc.edu and she will help you.

If your instructor decides to change your grade after careful re-evaluation of your grade, he/she will request the appropriate form from the University Grade Department via DSO department staff.

Following your discussion/review with your instructor regarding the grade you have received in the course, if you are still not satisfied with the result and have strong reason to take it to the next level, you can submit a written appeal letter to the Chairman, Ramandeep Randhawa (c/o the department’s Administrative Manager, Deborah Taylor in BRI-308). Professor Randhawa will review your case and determine the proper course of action.

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What can I do if I have a "MG" on my transcript?

A "MG" represents a missing grade for that particular course. The only person that can change this "MG" to another letter grade is your instructor. You should contact your instructor as soon as you find out that you have received such a grade.

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How can I change an "IN" to a letter grade on my transcript?

An incomplete grade is assigned if you have not finished all of your required work for a given course. Once you have completed all of the required work, for example, by taking your final exam and/or turning in your final project, then your instructor will be able to assign a final course grade for you. This typically happens in the semester after you have taken the course. You need to initiate the process of getting your grade change, by requesting a completion of an incomplete form with the University Grade department (Their address and phone no. is TRO-101, 740-5586). The Grade department will then send a form to the instructor for a conversion to a course grade; note that if you fail to complete the course within the specified time, your course grade will automatically be changed to "IX," which is equivalent to an "F."

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