Thought Leadership Initiative

The Thought Leadership Initiative (TLI)
is unique to the Department of Business Communication to conduct and promote research about how business leaders and managers communicate in today's workplace.  It is also an effort to connect business communication scholars and industry leaders together in collaborative environments, because communication skills are often ranked as the number one desired skill across diverse industries and fields.

The Marshall School of Business developed the Department of Business Communication’s Thought Leadership Initiative (TLI) to allow business communication professors an opportunity to design and conduct research about emerging new patterns of communication that impact and facilitate successful global business strategies.  This research also provides business students with a strong understanding of how to develop communication skills that will help them succeed in their careers. 

Professors who engage in our department’s TLI examine topics that include the changing dynamics of leadership communication, the impact of advanced technology in global communication settings, and intercultural communication, to promote research excellence both nationally and internationally.  Building connections between scholars, practitioners, and students, contributes to the goal of creating and disseminating excellent research to communicate strategically and effectively in a new 21st century business landscape.