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[Read] Millennials Aren't Always About the Digital Experience.
That's Good News for Your Marketing Department

by BUCO Faculty Member, Stephen Lind

BUCO Expert Speaker Series:
Women in Leadership with Liz Dyer, Live Nation

Date: TBD
Location: TBD
Live Stream: TBD



BUCO Expert Speaker Series:
Women in Leadership with Rachel Glaser

Monday, October 7th, 6:00 to 8:00pm
Location: Accounting Building (ACC) 201
Live Stream: Accounting Building (ACC) 310


BUCO Expert Speaker Series:
Sports, Entertainment, and Media Finance with Brent Willman

Tuesday, October 1st, 6:00 to 8:00pm
Location: Popovich Hall (JKP) 300


BUCO’s 5th Annual Business Communication Impact Award Winner:
Marcel M. Robles, PhD


Marcel Marie Robles, PhD, Professor, Eastern Kentucky University School of Business, College of Business & Technology, won the 2018 Marshall Business Communication Impact Award for her 2012 article Executive perceptions of the top 10 soft skills needed in today’s workplace published in Business Communication Quarterly.  Her article was cited 443 times between 2013 and 2017. The purpose of her study was to determine the critical soft skills that employers want from their employees so that business educators can promote these skills in their curriculum to improve employability of Marshall's graduating seniors.

BUCO Faculty Elected to Leadership Position by the Association for Business Communication

Professor Jolanta Aritz was recently elected Regional Vice President of Western United States (2019-2023) at the 83rd Annual ABC International Conference, held this year in Miami, Florida. The Association for Business Communication (ABC) is an international, interdisciplinary organization committed to advancing business communication research, education, and practice. In her role, Jolanta will work to conduct activities and meetings at the local level and provide members an opportunity to form regional networks of researchers, educators, and practitioners with common interests and goals.


BUCO Expert Speaker Series presents:
Shane Snow - Journalist, Entrepreneur, Author of "Dream Teams"

Thursday, November 8th, 6:00 to 8:00pm

Location: Hoffman Hall 2 (East Caseroom) (HOH LL)



BUCO Expert Speaker Series presents:
How to Develop a High Performing Top Team with Scott Keller

Monday, October 8th, 6:00 to 8:00pm

Hoffman Hall (HOH) Edison Auditorium


BUCO Hosts MCA Conference on Management Communication

Read the full story here: BUCO Hosts MCA



The 39th annual meeting of the Management Communication Association (MCA) will be held June 7 – 10 at the University of Southern California. Titled “Creativity, Integrative Thinking and Storytelling: Present & Future Trends in Management Communication,” the conference will feature talks and panel discussions, as well as a visit to the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT).

Read the full story here: BUCO Hosts MCA

BUCO Expert Speaker Series presents:
David Coleman, Visual Storyteller and former Systems Engineer at Apple

Tuesday, March 27th, 6:00 to 8:00pm

Hoffman Hall (HOH) Edison Auditorium


David Coleman is a communication expert and visual storyteller. Having worked for the defense industry, for DoubleClick (a Google company), and for Apple, as a Senior Systems Engineer during the Steve Jobs era, David went on to build his own U.S. and Mexico-based enterprise producing still photography and teaching the art of visual storytelling. Join David and learn essential communication skills and techniques you can apply to dazzle, inform, and influence your audiences.

The New York City launch of "The World is Just a Book Away,"
by our very own, James Owens '94


An evening at Strand Book Store celebrating literacy and education with James J. Owens ’94, Founder and CEO, The World is Just a Book Away, a non-profit organization promoting children's literacy and education. This event marked the New York launch of "The World is Just a Book Away," the anthology edited by Mr. Owens that captures the stories of how books and reading inspired some of the world's most prominent people.

Moderated by Bruce Usher, The Elizabeth B. Strickler ’86 and Mark T. Gallogly ’86 Faculty Director of the Social Enterprise Program at Columbia Business School

See more about the event here.


BUCO’s 4th Annual Business Communication Impact Award


The recipient of the 4th annual Business Communication Impact Award for 2017 is Dr. Dwayne H. Dean for his 2004 article “Consumer Reaction to Negative Publicity: Effects of Corporate Reputation, Response, and Responsibility for a Crisis Event” from the Journal of Business Communication. The award, given for highest citation count, relevance, and impact, was announced at the 2017 Association for Business Communication (ABC) Annual International Conference which took place in Dublin, Ireland from October 18th to 21st.

BUCO Expert Speaker Series presents:
Frank Blethen, Publisher, Seattle Times

Monday, November 13th, 6:00 to 8:00pm in Fertitta Hall (JFF) LL 125


The Seattle Times/ is the second largest newspaper/website on the West Coast. Even now in its 121st  year of Blethen family stewardship, the Times remains a family business with values based in journalism and community service. Frank and the Seattle Times were most recently awarded the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Reporting and is one of America’s last independent and locally owned newspapers.

BUCO Expert Speaker Series presents:
Don Mischer, President of Don Mischer Productions

Wednesday, April 19th, 6:00 to 8:00pm in Fertitta Hall (JFF) LL 105

Don Mischer

Don Mischer is an internationally acclaimed producer and director of television and live events. His vision has been behind many of our culture's most important televised and live celebrations, including the Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial, the 100th anniversary of Carnegie Hall and many Super Bowl Halftime shows. He has produced specials with celebrities such as Beyonce, Prince, Taylor Swift, Adele, Justin Bieber and many others. His work has garnered nearly every industry award possible, including 15 Emmy awards and the Norman Lear Achievement Award in Television from the Producer's Guild of America.

Congratulations BUCO faculty member, Sharoni Little, Ph.D., Ed.D.,
2017 USC Mentoring Awards Recipient!

 SL     mentoring awards

The University of Southern California has become a national leader in student mentoring and a role model for other universities across the country looking to establish and institutionalize a culture of mentoring.

As a way of recognizing and rewarding faculty mentors across disciplines, the USC Mentoring Awards are given to faculty members in several categories. Through a rigorous and competitive nomination and selection process, The University of Southern California has given out nearly 300 awards since 2005.

This year, ten faculty members reviewed over 150 nominations submitted for deserving faculty across the university and only 22 were chosen to receive awards. Thank you, Sharoni Little, for representing the Department of Business Communication and the USC Marshall School of Business at the 2017 USC Mentoring Awards.

Marshall’s 3rd Annual Business Communication Impact Award

Marshall's 3rd Annual Business Communication Ben Arbaugh

The recipient of the 3rd annual Business Communication Impact Award for 2016 is Dr. J.B. (Ben) Arbaugh for his 2001 article, "How Instructor Immediacy Behaviors Affect Student Satisfaction and Learning in Web-Based Courses." Dr. Arbaugh is an esteemed business communication scholar. He is the founding member, Society of Business and Management Education Researchers (SBMER), the Associate Editor, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, Department Chair, Management and Human Resources and John McNaughton Rosebush Professor at the College of Business, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

The award is given for highest citation count, relevance, and impact. It was announced at the 2016 Association for Business Communication Annual International Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on October 22nd.

BUCO Expert Speaker Series presents:
Bryan Stockton, former CEO of Mattel, Inc.

Bryan Stockton Former CEO of Mattel

Fall 2016

Bryan G. Stockton, CEO of Mattel, Inc. from 2012 to 2015, will discuss organizational communication challenges in this candid conversation with Department of Business Communication Professor James Owens. Read more.


Marshall's 2nd Annual Business Communication Impact Award

Deanna GeddesSusan Kruml

The recipients of the Marshall Annual Business Communication Impact Award for 2015 were Deanna Geddes, Temple University, and Susan M. Kruml, Millikin University for their 2000 article, “Exploring dimensions of emotional labor: The heart of Hochschild's work.” Management Communication Quarterly, 14(1), 8-49. The award is given for highest citation count, relevance, and impact. It was presented to the authors by Jolanta Aritz, Peter Cardon and Daylanne Markwardt at the Association for Business Communication Annual International Conference in Seattle, October 30, 2015.

BUCO Expert Speaker Series presents:
Jenny Ming, CEO of Charlotte Russe, Former President of Old Navy

Jenny Ming

Spring 2016

Jenny Ming speaks about the importance of team management and communications in executive leadership, based on her extensive and successful business experience. She is introduced by James Owens, Associate Professor of Clinical Management Communication. Read more.

BUCO Expert Speaker Series presents:
Gail T. Fairhurst, Management Consultant,
Professor of Communication at the University of Cincinnati

Gail T. Fairhurst

Fall 2015

The Power of Framing shows leaders and managers how to tap into the power of language so they can persuade effectively and communicate credibly in today's business environment. Through framing we define the meaning of "the situation here and now." Are we in a "crisis"? Is this situation merely a "cause for concern"? Should we be on "red-alert"? These are examples of how we frame the situations we face. When we connect with others through our framing, we shape reality. What's more, if we "manage meaning" when others are unable, we emerge as leaders. Watch video.

BUCO Expert Speaker Series presents:
François Cooren, Professor and Chair of Communication, University of Montreal

BUCO Francois Cooren

Spring 2015

François Cooren's research focuses on organizational communication, language and social interaction, as well as communication theory. He is the author of three books (The Organizing Property of Communication (2000), Action and Agency in Dialogue: Passion, Incarnation, and Ventriloquism (2010), and Organizational Discourse: Communication and Constitution (2015)) and also edited five volumes published by Oxford University Press, Routledge, John Benjamins and Lawrence Erlbaum. He is the author of more than 50 articles as well as more than thirty book chapters. In 2010-2011, he was the president of the International Communication Association (ICA) and was elected fellow of this association in 2013. He is the current president of the International Association for Dialogue Analysis (IADA, 2012-2015).

The panel includes Janet Fulk, Professor of Management and Organization USC, Peter Monge, Professor of Communication USC, Patricia Riley, Director Global Communication Program USC, and Drew Boyles, CEO of Endless Pursuit Corporation.

We welcome the whole USC community, members of the public and colleagues from other institutions to these presentations. To reserve a seat, send an email to with your name, affiliation, and number of attendees.

BUCO Expert Speaker Series presents:
Stanley Deetz, Professor Emeritus
President's Teaching Scholar, University of Colorado at Boulder

Standley Deetz

Spring 2014

Stanley Deetz, PhD, is a consultant regarding institutional change in the Center for STEM Learning at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He also serves as an organizational change and human and organizational factors consultant for the International Atomic Energy Agency. His work has focused on critical studies of organizations with a special emphasis on power relations, organizational/institutional change, and designing interaction processes to facilitate collaborative decision-making. He was a Senior Fulbright Scholar and is a National Communication Association Distinguished Scholar and an International Communication Association Past-President and Fellow.

The panel includes Valerie Folkes, Robert E. Brooker Chair of Marketing and Professor of Marketing, USC, Bob Feldman, founding partner of Point Group, a management and digital consulting firm that provides insight, strategy development and strategic execution for communications and marketing management challenges, and Jim Fleigner, Managing Partner, Impact Consultancy LLC. Watch Video

Marshall's 1st Annual Business Communication Impact Award

The Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California recently announced the Business Communication Thought Leadership Initiative to support business communication as a research discipline. As part of the initiative, Marshall honors one article per year with the Business Communication Impact Award. The goal of the award is to recognize the article that has had the most impact in the business communication field during the past five years.

The first annual Business Communication Award was given to Timothy Coombs of the University of Central Florida. Marion Philadelphia, Director of the Department of Business Communication, and Jolanta Aritz, Professor of Clinical Management Communication, presented Professor Coombs with the award at the Association for Business Communication International Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on October 24, 2014.

Timothy Coombs won the award for his 1995 article "Choosing the Right Words: The Development of Guidelines for the Selection of the 'Appropriate' Crisis-Response Strategies" from Management Communication Quarterly. He won the award because of having the highest citation count during the past five calendar years (2009-2013) among all articles in the top four business communication journals: International Journal of Business Communication, Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, Management Communication Quarterly, and Journal of Business and Technical Communication.

BUCO 2014 Association for Business Communication
From left to right: Marion Philadelphia, Jolanta Aritz, Kathy Rentz (outgoing President of ABC), Timoth Coombs, at the Association for Business Communication International Conference in Philadelphia, October 2014.


CMC joins forces with IBM for "The Great Mind Challenge"

Pete Cardon's Op-Ed in The Huffington Post



Communication Scholar Robert Shuter: CMC Visiting Professor in Spring 2013
Dr. Shuter is Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Marquette University, Director and Founder of the Center for Intercultural New Media Research, and Chair of the International and Intercultural Communication Division for the National Communication Association. A pioneer and leader in intercultural communication studies, Dr. Shuter has written widely about communication and culture with more than 60 articles published in leading journals including Journal of Social Psychology, Communication Monographs, Journal of Communication, Journal of Applied Communication Research, Management Communication Quarterly, and Journal of International and Intercultural Communication. He recently edited a special issue on intercultural new media research for the Journal of Intercultural Communication Research.

On April 12, 2013, Prof. Shuter spoke on "New Media, Culture, and International Business – The New Frontier for Multinational Corporations."



Marshall Again Takes Tops Honors at State Farm Competition

Cross-Disciplinary Fellowship Program Involving CMC Faculty

Faculty Panel at LA Times Festival of Books Addresses "New Paradigms for Leadership in a Global Economy"

"Crossing Boundaries" Attracts International Scholars
In March 2012, CMC Professors Jolanta Aritz and Robyn Walker co- chaired "Crossing Boundaries: Working and Communicating in the Asia-Pacific Region." This conference drew 60-plus researchers, faculty, and business professionals from more than eight countries. It was the first US-based conference of the Asia-Pacific Language for Specific Purposes and Professional Communication – this young organization held its first two bi-annual meetings in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. The focus of this conference was on English as a vehicle for global communication in business and other professions.

Professor Emeritus Paul Frommer Continues to Develop Avatar's Na'vi Language
See Dr. Frommer at TEDx

Prof. Steve Byars Investigates the Business of Ethics

Background on the Development of BUCO 260 "Business communication Across Cultures"

Vice Dean Sandra Chrystal Takes Students on Journeys Using Technology
Dr. Chrystal was awarded the 2012 Provost's Prize for Teaching with Technology.