Core Curriculum & Electives

Business Communication


Core Curriculum & Electives

Undergraduate Core

BUAD 302 - Communication Strategy in Business
This course is designed for you to acquire knowledge and skills in business communication. You will gain an understanding of business communication theory and apply this understanding to communications in a wide range of business and organizational contexts. Apply communication theory to develop business communication strategies, including evaluation of purpose, audience, context, and channel choice. Demonstrate the ability to analyze, compare and critique these strategies, and effectively communicate this assessment. In addition, this course prepares you for effective interviewing to succeed in your internship or job search.

WRIT 340 - Advanced Writing for Business
The Advanced Writing for Business course is designed not only to help you write effectively in a business environment, but also to improve your general ability to research and analyze complex ideas, to appreciate and develop the skill of effective argumentation, and to write clear, grammatical, well-structured communications. With emphasis critical thinking, ethics, and issues of business and public concern, coursework is designed to increase your capacity to analyze audiences and tailor content and style to produce writing that communicates with confidence.

Undergraduate Electives

BUAD 252 - Choosing and Planning a Future Career in Business
Explore and plan for future career choices and options in business. Learn theoretical principles, best practices and strategies, and contemporary workplace issues/trends. Graded CR/NC.

BUCO 252 - The Art of Case Analysis and Presentation
Develop analytical problem-solving and persuasive presentation skills to successfully analyze strategic business situations and convincingly argue your position in a competitive environment.

BUCO 333mw - Communication in the Working World: Managing Diversity
Learn about communication strategies to manage workplace diversity. Examine historical, social, legal precedents and institutional barriers to diversity. Fulfills USC diversity requirement.

BUCO 425 - Ethics and Professional Communication
Study the intersection between business and professional leadership, language, and ethics. Analyze and present results to public audiences through publications, professional conferences, ethics case competitions.

BUCO 445 - Communicating to Lead and Persuade
In this highly interactive class, you will critically analyze persuasion in a collection of leaders’ speeches, social media, commercials, and campaigns and discover a number of ways to create persuasive and memorable messages that resonate with a wide range of audiences via traditional and media-mediated communication channels. 

BUCO 450 - Communication for Organizations: Exploring Creativity
Develop individual creative thinking and problem solving skills; enhance managerial communication skills necessary to foster workplace creativity.

BUCO 458 - Managing Communication and New Media
Achieve interpersonal and collaborative success with new media in the workplace through creative assessment of e-culture management, including analysis of corporate use of YouTube, Second Life, blogs, Skype, and social media.

BUCO 460 - International Business Communication
Understand cultures and global systems to deepen your interpersonal, cultural and organizational communication skills and prepare you to be successful in international business settings.

BUCO 485 - Business Communication Management for Nonprofits
Explore the communication issues and challenges that nonprofit managers face. Design communication tools used to conduct fundraising and visibility campaigns, work with a board of directors, attract and retain volunteers, write grants and report on program outcomes, and demonstrate accountability to a variety of private and public constituencies. Fulfills elective option for completion of Marshall's minor in Social Entrepreneurship, SPPD's minor in Nonprofits and Social Innovation.

BUCO 499 - Crisis and Reputation Communication
The course will focus on key elements of crisis management that will teach you crisis communication competencies. A crisis can result in significant economic consequences and damage to a brand image. Thus, business leaders recognize and respond to crises such as social media rumors, information leaks, product recalls, financial failure, employee misdeeds, managerial corruption, workplace violence, and environmental disasters. Click here for more information.

Graduate Core

GSBA 502 - Management Communication for Leaders (MMLIS core)
This course provides an integration of leadership, interpersonal and communication theory and practice with skill development to improve your ability to drive and lead individual, team, and organizational performance. This course focuses on the key processes (awareness, motivation, knowledge, opportunities and techniques) that will make you a more effective and efficient communicator and leader, and will drive your promotability and success throughout your careers. This course is also designed for you to utilize knowledge, as opposed to just acquiring it, and to build your skills as opposed to just learning about skills.

GSBA 542 or GSBA 523 - Communication for Management (MS core, MAcc, MBT, IBEAR)
This course is intended to help you to more skillfully move from employee to manager through an enhanced understanding of personal and organizational communication issues. You will examine how organizational members communicate; the discussions will include aspects of goal setting, motivation, and performance improvement through effective intra- and interpersonal communication throughout the organization.

Graduate Electives

BUCO 503 - Advanced Managerial Communication
Executive coaching model applied to individual interpersonal communication dynamics. Advanced skill development in the application of business communication theory to visual and verbal persuasion and presentations. This model includes initial assessment of skill level, and establishing an individualized goal plan to improve your interpersonal, relational, networking, interviewing, career advancement, and managerial communication skills. Course utilizes multiple delivery methods, including: lecture/discussion sessions; one-on-one and peer coaching sessions; class activities; video analysis; lab sessions; case studies; and experiential learning sessions.

BUCO 504T - Professional Writing for Business
This course deepen students' understanding of what it takes to create effective communication in writing by engaging them in creating professional documents and texts. Apply communication strategies in business writing to produce persuasive, directive, informative, or descriptive documents essential for success in today's workplace. This course is project-based and focuses on practical application based on students' project preferences or needs. Students will determine and coordinate with the professor the project and/or documents they will be working on.

BUCO 533 - Managing Communication in Organizations
Facilitate team dynamics through communication. Explore team communication through case studies and consulting projects relating to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Crisis Communication, and Business Ethics. This course focuses on exploring and enhancing team dynamics, team leadership, and group communication; it complements individual communication skills student have developed in other courses.

BUCO 536 - Leading with Digital Communication
Exploring how leaders can communicate via new media to drive collaboration, increase employee engagement, build networked communities, and manage change: This course provides theory and practice in how leaders can communicate via social media and other forms of new media to achieve business goals. Students will build their abilities to lead and manage on new social platforms (Facebook-like platforms/intranets for companies) that organizations increasingly use as the hub of their communications. A constant theme throughout the course will be using new media to build professional credibility as a leader.

BUCO 552 - Defining and Communicating Your Professional Value
is designed to build on principles put into place for MBA students who have completed GSBA 541 as well as provide graduate students who have not taken GSBA 541 with tools to better understand how to define and communicate their individual professional value across diverse fields and industries in best-fit career opportunities. BUCO 552 addresses communication and contemporary workplace issues to develop an individualized career development plan leading up to and beyond graduation.

BUCO 599 - Communicating Image & Reputation
Through case studies on strategic crisis communication, featuring corporate executive guest speakers, this course provides a comprehensive examination on the impact communication activity has on a company's image and performance in today's 24/7 global information cycle.

BUCO 599 - Power Dynamics and Workplace Communication
Understanding the implications of gender-based differences in communication in the workplace: This course particularly focuses on how students can optimize their individual communication styles and practices to achieve professional success and work/life balance. Drawing on readings from a range of theoretical perspectives, as well as on class discussions, experiential activities, and personal reflection, students will develop an understanding of how gendered identities are enacted through communication practices in the workplace, how these practices may either help or hinder their advancement as business leaders, and most importantly, how they may adapt or enhance their own gender-based styles to better manage their professional identities and become more competent communicators.