School's Out: Summer Break in Los Angeles

Of course, the MS in Marketing program is rigorous, but with so many fun and exciting things to do in Los Angeles, a healthy work-life balance is incredibly feasible. Find out about all of the great fun that students had over summer break!

August 24, 2019
• by
Anna Johnson

After a summer or rigorous studying and career prepping, a well awaited summer break has arrived! Now it’s time to capitalize on the three or so weeks that separate the end of the summer semester and the beginning of the fall semester. So, what is one to do with all that free time after having such a full summer?

While many students have gone home to countries such as China and Canada, others have taken the time to travel to places like Yellowstone National Park, San Francisco, Cabo and even France. For those that have stayed in the LA area, many have taken the time to explore their new home! Some have lounged in Malibu, taken mini-trips to Palm Springs and Bug Sur, and others have simply enjoyed all of the fun activities and restaurants that LA has to offer. With karaoke spots in Little Tokyo, music festivals throughout the summer, hiking locations along the coast, and tons of fun and trendy food locations all over the city, there’s never a dull moment. So, while the program is rigorous, the balance between work and play is incredibly manageable. With fun and exciting ways to explore the city always popping up, LA is a great place to be to get the best of both worlds.

While many have taken trips back home and gone on vacation, I’ve chosen to stay in Los Angeles and really explore the city properly. As someone who moved to LA after never even visiting the city before, I really wanted to take the time to travel around and find new and fun ways to enjoy my time in Southern California.

The first couple days of my break entailed lots of sleep! I thought I’d be up and out the door early with a full day of plans but evidently a physical break was quite necessary. So, while I relaxed with lots of Netflix and Hulu, I came up with plans for the next few weeks. Activities ranging from bowling and karaoke to hiking and beach trips quickly filled up my schedule. But, while having fun is important, I also wanted my break to be a time for me to self-reflect and create a clearer career plan for the future. So, in my second week of the break I met with Kira Dalton, our Career Advisor in the MSM program, to talk about all things career related. We discussed where I’d like to be in the future and the steps I should take to get there. We even polished my resume up so that it conveys who I am accurately and in a meaningful way. The whole meeting helped me to feel confident about my plans and the action steps I would need to take to achieve my career goals.

All in all, the short but sweet summer break was well-needed and greatly appreciated. Getting to spend time with classmates and friends outside of an academic setting was even better. While some time was spent preparing for the future and strategizing, it was balanced with building memories and exploring my new home of LA. As the break comes to an end and we ready ourselves for the fall semester, I’m eager to take on a new rigorous semester of insightful classes, and to continue enjoying the LA experience.