Mid-Semester Recap:

November 03, 2019
• by
Roy Lin

Can't believe we're already half way through the fall semester! While many students have just finished or are wrapping up their midterm exams and presentations, I'd like to recap what our cohort has been doing in between classes to de-stress and make the most out of  living in this amazing city called L.A.

When it comes to being a USC student (and also a proud American), going to a Trojan football game is considered quintessential. In this spirit, our incredible Advisory Council organized an on-campus tailgate party right before the annual homecoming game for our cohort to celebrate in style. The campus was filled with enthusiastic Trojan fans that day and great food, snacks and all kinds of drinks. Since it was the first social event after the summer break, students took time to catch up with each other by playing games, taking pictures, and even crashing other departments’ booths. Many international students, including me, were experiencing the fanatic football culture for the first time, and it’s an understatement to say everybody on campus was fueled with enormous amount of passion and energy. After the party, some of the students went to the game to cheer for the Trojans, and thanks to their overwhelming devotion, USC was able to bring home the first win of the season. We couldn’t ask for a better way to start off the fall semester!

Since this semester takes place in fall, Halloween was a must-celebrate for our students. The Council put together a Halloween costume party/competition that would select and gift the three best outfit winners. Many students put their best effort into choosing and creating the most ingenious and outrageous costumes for the judges. When the day finally came, I saw a wide variety of characters, including the possessed Annabelle doll, Pennywise the clown, Velma from ScMSM Edward Lin costumeooby Doo, a zombie, Lady Gaga from A Star is Born, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, and even a team of deadly medical experts that you wouldn’t want to receive any treatment from. All in all, everybody had delivered very remarkable results and had celebrated the spooky season to the fullest, but when it comes to the winners of the most memorable costumes, our student Edward Lin, who dressed up as a female nurse who specialized in putting patients into eternal sleep, eventually won the hearts of the judges and claimed the throne of Halloween party.

Besides the two major social events, students also took advantage of the weekends to throw small kickback parties at each other’s places or to explore the many fun spots of L.A. Students from China celebrated the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival by having a potluck party, while some others went to the free USC concert and enjoyed some good music before the school started. Our next social event – Thanksgiving Potluck - will take place on November 16th and will feature huge roasted turkeys and more homemade cuisine, and I cannot wait to see what everybody has to bring to the dinner table! To our cohort, great work on the first half of the semester and let’s power through the rest together!