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First Impression About Singapore

June 09, 2022
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Rabbi Hou
Arrival in Singapore and The Weather

It was a cozy Sunday morning when I arrived in Singapore. When I stepped off the cabin, the moisture and the heat rushed to my nostrils. Singapore’s weather was the first difference I felt.

Changi Airport


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Because I arrived in Singapore earlier than the program’s official start date, I spent time in Chinatown exploring the area for the next few days. The food was luscious! I could choose from Indian Murtabak to Chinese Laksa. The diversity of food options guaranteed that I could always find satisfying dishes.

Laksa and Kaya ToastIndian Murtabak


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Experience with The Locals

While I enjoyed my time as a foodie, I was surprised by the degree of cultural mixing in Singapore. At one dinner at Newton Hawker Centre with my friend David, we got the chance to talk with the locals. Malaysians, Indians, Indonesians, and Chinese were actively mixed, sharing their social life. They were nice enough to even share food with us!

Photo with Locals


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Shared Culture

Since I came from China, I was astonished to know and experience the common culture and language in Singapore. Many road signs and public labels have Chinese characters. I can speak Mandarin to hawkers in food courts. The culture of taking care of the elders is also reflected in Singapore’s housing policy and privileges for elders on various public transportation.

Hawker Centre


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