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Chapter 4 - Work Hard, Play a Little

June 27, 2022
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Soni Kanaya

Internship Details
This week can only be described with one word: long. I am definitely not used to an 8 hour work day after the last few weeks of messing around. I think another thing that made this work week so long was that my roommates are on the same schedule. Two of them don't have internships right now or are interviewing for a few and the other one has an internship but it is almost all remote. They've had time to sleep in and do day trips around Rome while my days are looking a little different than theirs.

The Routine
My alarm goes off at 7:42am (every minute of sleep counts!) then I get ready

Roomies making us a family dinner! Best thing to come home to <3
Roomies making us a family dinner! Best thing to come home to <3

and start walking to the Metro by 8am. I eat a granola bar on the way to the Metro, ride the B line until the end of the route, switch to a bus for a 10 min ride, and finally walk 5 minutes to the office. I start the day with an espresso and then work until lunch at 1pm. I either eat lunch at the cafe in the grocery store nearby or bring lunch and eat with my coworkers. I then work until 6pm and take the bus and metro back with one of my chatty coworkers going the same direction. I appreciate my coworker trying to make conversation but I am very worn out by that point and would rather listen to music or play "Thumb Drift" on my phone. I get home around 7, get or make dinner, shower, hang out with my roommates for a little, then go to sleep around 10:30.

The Vibes
The vibes of the internship are interesting. Let's just say that I am getting very immersed in the Italian culture. All of my coworkers speak Italian (duh) and a little English. They speak English to me which is nice of them but obviously they will speak in Italian to each other which makes it hard to engage in normal conversations. I thought I would be able to pick it up easier or infer what they are saying, but they speak too fast for me to understand. The language barrier has made my time at work more isolating and also more work-heavy because I can't engage in any side conversations they have so I just do my work instead. I am mainly learning about the instruments the company sells and researching and calling labs in Israel that may be interested in buying our products. The days are very long, I am quite exhausted when I get back home.

The Weekend, Finally!

Nice Club, Rome
Nice Club, Rome.

I was very ready for the weekend when it came around.

Some good Mexican food, YAY!
Some good Mexican food, YAY!

I made the most of the days by sleeping in and seeing some more of Rome and the nights by checking out some cool clubs (though very few are open during the summer which is odd). One of the main highlights of my weekend was getting some pretty authentic Mexican food for dinner on Sunday and some excellent gelato.





It rolled around too quick! Thankfully, Wednesday is a holiday in Rome so my week will be broken up a bit better. I am going to ask my manager on Thursday if I can do some work remotely. I think not being in the office will improve my mood while staying just as productive.

Wish me luck! Until next time, ciao!

Tips to not look like a tourist!

1) It's probably a good idea to know the language of the country you are visiting if you're not just doing touristy stuff. Take it from me...
2) The app "Moovit" maps your commute nicely and gives you an accurate estimate on the timing of buses and trains.
3) Always bring some cash when going out at night! Sometimes it's very hard to get a taxi or Uber on the app so you have to find one off the street and those only take cash usually.

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