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Chapter 3 - Up in the Air

June 20, 2022
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Soni Kanaya

Whirlwind of a week!


Things in Rome

Italian classes finished this week. It was a very bittersweet goodbye; our Italian

Views while shopping near the Spanish steps.
Views while shopping near the Spanish steps.

teacher was the sweetest and the free time in the week was very nice, but at the same time I was ready for some structure in my days. We spent the last week trying to explore more of Rome during the day by seeing some of the iconic tourist locations and, of course, celebrating at night.


Program Updates

Though everyone that joined this internship matching program were supposed to be guaranteed an internship, about half of the people here did not get one. Two of my roommates didn’t get an internship and are now deciding if they should take a full refund and travel or do a remote internship and stay in the apartment for a partial refund. One of my roommates, Miles, and I both have internships so we are for sure staying, but sadly some of our friends may be leaving. The program coordinator is doing her best to find places for them to work but it’s up in the air for many people.


Weekend in Split

The roomies on a boat in Split!
The roomies on a boat in Split!

As a last hoorah before the internship (for some people at least) begins, many of us in the program planned a trip to Split, Croatia. We went up in the air on some cheap flights and stayed at a hostel in downtown Split. Though the shower and top bunk situation was not the easiest, it was so much fun meeting so many other cool people at the hostel that were also just staying for a night or two. Split is such a young and lively city, it was so much fun to go out at any time of day. 


First Day!

It felt like the first day of school when I picked out for the next day and went to sleep with butterflies in my stomach. I woke up at 7am on Monday morning, got a quick croissant and espresso, then took the metro and bus to the office. Everyone at the Quantum Design office was so welcoming when I came in and tried to speak English whenever they were around me so I felt included. I spent the day learning about some of the scientific instruments that I would be marketing and researching potential clients located in Israel. Despite the 4 espressos I drank, it was a long and tiring day (probably because my body isn’t accustomed to not taking naps or sleeping in). I celebrated my last day by getting some Mexican food that I was craving and going to bed early.


Until next time! Buona notte!

Tips to not look like a tourist!

1) Bring more than one credit card and call your credit card company before leaving to tell them that you're traveling! My friend's card wasn't working any time she left Rome because they thought it was fraud activity.

2) Use "TicketAppy"  to get metro/bus transportation passes on your phone. It's much easier than keeping a metro card.


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